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dictated by the AP College Board. The focus of this course is unique among many high school history courses, in that the majority of study is focused on regions outside of the traditional Euro-centric view of history. Particular emphasis is placed on encounters and interactions between non-Western people, cultures, and regions.

AP US History (S3563) provides an in depth look at America from the days of colonization to the present. This is a college level class which prepares you to take the Advanced Placement Exam in May and earn some university credit. Be ready to engage in discussion and to take responsibility for your own learning. It's challenging but fun, and the experience is definitely worth it.

AP English Lang/AP US History (SK064E & SK065U) Advantages:

  • More Time: Students have 8 months instead of 5 (fall semester) or 3 (spring semester) to develop their skills and to learn information before the AP Exam in May.

  • No time gap between classes and the AP Exams: Students will be enrolled in both classes all of the way up to the AP Exam date. If students are enrolled in these classes in the fall, their classes will end three months before the May exam date. Research shows that students are significantly more successful on these high stakes exams if they take them while they are still enrolled in the course.

  • Enhanced Learning and Reduced Stress: Students will benefit from the collaboration between their liberal arts teachers, who will work to coordinate assignments and skill building activities so that there is more synergy between these classes, less redundancy in terms of instruction and less stress for students.

Students will be enrolled in AP English 11 and AP US History for an entire year. Both of these classes will be scheduled during the same period and students will attend each class on alternating days. For example, if this year long class is scheduled for second period, during second period on the first day, the student attends English class. During second period on the second day, the student attends history class. We believe that this option is a beneficial one and look forward to working with the students that are interested in this model.

AP European History P (S3662) AP European History is an adventure that takes you from Western Civilization's distant past to the present. While this class requires students to take responsibility for their own learning, the experience is worth it. Join us if you are interested in knowing about how the revolutions and developments of the past shape the world that we live in today!

AP Comparative Government and Politics (S3661) This course will focus upon comparing and analyzing world governments, their institutions, ideals and societies as well as how they react and interact in this increasingly global environment. We will focus upon Great Britain, the People’s Republic of China, Nigeria, Russia, Mexico Iran, India, Germany, Japan and some countries in flux like Cuba, North Korea, Thailand, etc. during the course of this quarter. Of particular interest will be their histories, so we can understand the evolutionary forces that shape their governments, the interaction between political and economic trends and how socioeconomic issues determine political realities. We will also study their contemporary civil societies and the strengths and weaknesses of their public policies when responding to contemporary challenges.

Psychology P (S3652) Why do some people have more motivation than others? How much of a person’s behavior is inherited? Are humans naturally aggressive? And, how does the brain function? Through a variety of methods, this class will help explain why humans behave as they do, and maybe even assist us in understanding our own lives.

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