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their work. Students can create songs using pre-composed music loops, or even play & record their own material live in the studio! Meets VPA requirement for graduation.

Instrumental Music P – (B6662) NEW CLASS (previously “Guitar”) This class is open to guitarists, pianists, percussionists, & wind players of all levels. Expand & develop your musical skills through generous amounts of in-class practice time in our new Performing Arts Center. Prepare music for class recitals, outside performances, or even college auditions. You can also use our computer lab to notate your own original compositions! If you have always wanted to learn to play an instrument, this is the perfect class for you. Music-reading ability (or a strong willingness to learn) is recommended. Please see Mr. Wuertz if you have any questions about this new course.

Symphonic Band P (B6668) Recommended: Play a traditional band instrument. Meets VPA/UC/CSU requirement. This year-long course is designed to provide the opportunity for students to be a part of a musical ensemble that rehearses and performs various styles of music throughout the school year. The primary concepts that are emphasized include: major & minor scales, intermediate to advanced rhythms, tone quality, terminology, and elements of blend/balance in a traditional instrumental ensemble. Students wishing to start an instrument are encouraged to take private lessons in order to prepare for this course. Sufficient enrollment in Symphonic Band may, in any given year, lead to the addition of a Wind Ensemble class. The same course description would apply, the musical material would be at an intermediate to advanced level, and students would be required to audition for placement in this class. Estimated HW: 120 minutes per week.

Wind Ensemble P (B6667) Meets VPA/UC/CSU requirements. Also meets PE requirement (marching band). Recommendation: Instructor approval or audition. This advanced level, year- long course is designed to provide the opportunity for instrumental music students to be part of a musical ensemble that rehearses and performs various styles of music throughout the school year. Students at this level should be comfortable reading and recognizing scales, various rhythmic patterns, key signatures, and music terminology. HW: 120 min. per week.

AP Music Theory (B6670) Want to learn all about music and how it is constructed? Want to be able to pick out a melody, or identify a chord progression that you hear? If so, you will enjoy AP Music Theory. This course is designed to provide students with an opportunity for in-depth

study of through

the theory and history of musical composition techniques. This musical analysis, composition, research, and performance.

will be accomplished Through this study,

students will understand the cultural and artistic relevance of music throughout evolution of music theory. Prerequisite: Be able to read basic music notation on clefs. Students who are new to music reading can prepare for this course

history, and the treble and bass by taking MIDI

Composition/Recording Arts, or by independently completing a short music level: Moderate to Very Difficult, depending on the student. Estimated HW: Meets VPA/UC/CSU requirement.

workbook. Difficulty 30 minutes per day.

Dance Choreography and Performance P (B6691) This class is designed to provide a strong physical conditioning program and at the same time offer ample opportunity to express and develop individual creativity through participation in dance combination and choreography. Students choreograph their own ensembles and perform at the Academy!

Architectural Design P


Are you interested in a

designer, landscape designer, engineer, or model aspects of architectural design and students will

maker? ultimately

career as an architect, interior This course will introduce key create several structures that

incorporate styles of the past and present. In see it in 3D with the computer, and even fly

this class through it

you can experiment virtually. Tools will

with your design, include the latest

computer aided design software, pencils, charcoal, pen, watercolor and model Hand drawn renderings and scale models of your house will also be created.

making supplies. This class meets
















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