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project in the San Diego Fair and receive 4 credits of Mira Costa credit with a grade of B or better.

ROP Photo Imaging P (K7518) Explore the world around you! This is a creative, hands-on

class where we learn a variety of innovative and artistic techniques.

We have fun

developing new photographic skills utilizing both the traditional darkroom and new technologies. We also gain skills for a future career while sharing ideas with a team, chances, and making better MySpace and Facebook photos too!

while digital taking

World Languages No longer a novelty . . . but a necessity. OPEN DOORS to the world. Become multi-lingual.

Spanish I P (G5681) Have fun learning Spanish by speaking it and listening to interesting

Spanish conversations, watching DVDs in Spanish, and singing songs.

Lean to read by

reading brief descriptions of Spanish speaking people, places and other short stories.


Spanish by writing about your friends, your hobbies, school, food and more.

Listen to, speak,

read and write about topics that are basic to everyday communication including countries. There are fun review games and friendly competitions to review and





technical Spanish.

















Spanish II P (G5682) Continue to have fun learning Spanish, get better at it, and begin to fulfill this college entrance requirement. Deepen your ability to speak, understand, read and write the Spanish language and enjoy learning interesting cultural information. The topics are relevant to your life. Learn by watching DVDs, talking with classmates in Spanish, listening to Spanish

speakers, reading and writing.

There are fun review games and friendly competitions. At the

end of the course you’ll be communicating with Spanish speakers in the community and be excited to continue on to Spanish 3.

Spanish III P (G5683) Strengthen your Spanish skills by going into in-depth review and practice of past concepts and learning more concepts. You will improve your Spanish by communicating

about everyday topics that are related to your life. healthy life styles, and dreams/wishes. Engage listening activities. There are fun review games and

Some topics include traveling, childhood, in various speaking reading, writing and friendly competitions to review and learn.

Spanish IV P (G5684) Spanish IV is creative, fun and yet very rigorous. Engaging short stories drives the learning. You will read them, write about them, speak about them and listen to them. Students build upon their Spanish communication and grammar skills learned at previous levels. Previous grammar is reviewed and continued at a more advanced level. Pupils are evaluated on their abilities to clearly communicate by reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Spanish speaking cultures are also explored and students may be required to do a cultural report on a Spanish speaking country or required to visit a local museum, theater, market, etc...and write up a report regarding the experience. Other cultural lessons can include the study of Spanish

artist, musicians, and cinema in Spanish.

Excellent attendance

successful in this course. This communicators who are ready

course is designed to prepare students to continue their studies in Spanish V.

is to

expected in be confident,

order to proficient

Spanish V P (G5685) This is an advanced course for students who wish to continue their study of Spanish at a more challenging level. This class focuses on refining student’s understanding of grammar, enriching their vocabulary, and increasing their overall language skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening. Activities such as reading short stories, giving oral presentations, and watching Spanish news programs are used in class to achieve these goals.

AP Spanish Language (G5686) This is an Advanced Placement course for students who wish to continue their high-level study of Spanish while preparing themselves for the AP Spanish Language exam. This class focuses on refining student's understanding of grammar, enriching

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