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from rough lumber to final products. The skills taught can be applied to everyday life or if you choose, may be a basis for career exploration in the wood products industry.

Wood Technology II (K7573) Woodworking II is a fast paced course designed to build on the skills taught in wood tech I. In the course, students will be required to build a project with a door and a drawer. Exploration in advanced processes are also a possibility, such as dovetail construction, finger joints, and mortise and tenon.

ROP Guitarmaking (K7620) Do you want to become the next Paul Reed Smith? Learn basic as well as advanced techniques in the trade. Students will master traditional woodworking tools while making an electric guitar from raw materials. The class will also have access to computer- aided routers to complete various advanced processes including routing neck cavities, pickup cavities, and inlays. Finishing difficult woods will also be addressed.

ROP Screen Printing(K7516) Prepares students for entry-level positions in project planning, copy preparation (Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop), screen preparation, stencil making, printing, and sales. Due to recent advances in screen printing technology, screen printing is becoming very commercialized. These breakthroughs have allowed screen printing to compete on a large scale with other processes. Productive, challenging careers are growing in the screen printing field at a growing rate.

Digital Photography (K7660) Welcome to the magical world of digital imaging! In this class we create works of art using the tools of digital photography: digital SLR cameras, computers, Adobe Photoshop, and ink jet printers. We will learn how to see and create by studying past masters of photography and their techniques, by evaluating our own work and the work of our classmates, and by connecting our unique vision to culture and history. We work on project- based, interpretative assignments in a creative environment to refine our own artistic expressions.

Photo Tech II (K7662) If you have already taken a photo class, you know how much fun you will have learning even more creative and advanced photographic techniques. We will use both the darkroom and digital imaging technologies to advance and refine our personal styles. We will also each create our own photo business and learn to work with clients, fulfilling their needs with our own creative and unique visions.

ROP Photo Imaging P (K7518) Explore the world around you! This is a creative, hands-on

class where we learn a variety of innovative and artistic techniques.

We have fun

developing new photographic skills utilizing both the traditional darkroom and new technologies. We also gain skills for a future career while sharing ideas with a team, chances, and making better MySpace and Facebook photos too!

while digital taking

Architectural Design P


Are you interested in a

designer, landscape designer, engineer, or model aspects of architectural design and students will

maker? ultimately

career as an architect, interior This course will introduce key create several structures that

incorporate styles of the past and present. In see it in 3D with the computer, and even fly

this class through it

you can experiment virtually. Tools will

with your design, include the latest

computer aided design software, pencils, charcoal, pen, watercolor and model Hand drawn renderings and scale models of your house will also be created.

making supplies. This class meets

UC/CSU Visual and Performing Art “F” requirement. project in the San Diego Fair and receive 4 credits better.

All students will enter at of Mira Costa credit with

least their a grade of

main B or

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