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English Yearbook (E1655) Earn your license to lurk. Work on The Hoofprint, SDA’s award winning yearbook. Photograph people, make new friends. Record passers-by. Write fun-filled copy. Live in the halls. Learn more about the school in this year long course than you ever thought possible. Burn the midnight oil during deadline nights. Eat pizza. Win awards at national conventions. InDesign like a pro graphic designer. Make your own high school memories while recording everyone else’s.

Journalism I (E1651) Being a reporter is like having a backstage pass to life. Open some doors for yourself and learn to write for a newspaper, do graphic design and desktop publishing, help on The Mustang and put out your own paper at the end of this semester class. If you’re looking to position yourself for college, journalism shows the kind of academic involvement that will make you stand out from the thousands of other applicants. Previous editors have gone on to Harvard, Berkeley, Brown, Amherst, Northwestern, NYU, BYU, UCLA, UCSD, UCSC, UCSB and Chico. From a personal standpoint, it’s fun and you don’t get sweaty and you don’t have to speak in front of crowds.

Advanced Journalism P (E1652) Meet girls. Meet guys. Meet deadlines. Work on The Mustang staff. The yearlong class is devoted full time to publishing the school paper. Ask impertinent questions, write pointed articles, edit unnecessary and superfluous adjectives, do graphic design, take photos, sell adds, attend conventions in distant cities, burnish your college application and eat Today’s Pizza.

Speech and Debate (E1662) Would you like a second family? Would you like to learn how to do research and raise your chances of getting into the college of your dreams? Would you like to have tons of fun while debating at tournaments on weekends? Then Speech and Debate is for you! In this fast-paced, intense class you will learn to debate with such skill that even your parents won’t be able to win an argument!

College Application Seminar (E1950) The College Application Seminar class is dedicated to helping students create the best college application possible and preparing students for the transition to college. Students will have time to research colleges, explore majors and careers, fill out applications, and find money and scholarships to pay for college. Students will be able to get any questions about applying to college answered, such as how to respond to college

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Creative Writing P(E1653) Do you love to write? Do you feel constrained? Do want to meet other people with a similar passion? Then take Creative Writing! This will primarily be a workshop course, in which you will work on several extended pieces and share them with your peers for feedback. While we will do some creative writing exercises and activities as a class, the majority of your effort and time will be spent developing your own work in any genre (fiction, poetry, plays, screenplays, creative non-fiction). We will also discuss and discover avenues of publication (writing contests, student anthologies, careers in writing).

Fiction & Film P (E1658) Students will watch movies, discuss movies, analyze movies, and interpret movies.

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