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Academic Literacy (E1751) Students learn and practice problem-solving strategies for improving their reading and comprehension of texts. Students leave the class with improved vocabulary as well. Our classroom conversation is about how each of us reads differently, why we read, and how we make sense of the text we read in other classes. We practice reading strategies while we read a wide variety of texts—recreational and academic—such as newspaper articles, poetry, self-selected books for reading pleasure, and excerpts from the writings of Malcolm X, Frederick Douglass, Sandra Cisneros, and Richard Rodriquez. Class members draw on each other’s knowledge, as we make sense of text together. This course is designed for students whose home language is not English.

AP English Lang/AP US History (SK064E & SK065U) Advantages:

  • More Time: Students have 8 months instead of 5 (fall semester) or 3 (spring semester) to develop their skills and to learn information before the AP Exam in May.

  • No time gap between classes and the AP Exams: Students will be enrolled in both classes all of the way up to the AP Exam date. If students are enrolled in these classes in the fall, their classes will end three months before the May exam date. Research shows that students are significantly more successful on these high stakes exams if they take them while they are still enrolled in the course.

  • Enhanced Learning and Reduced Stress: Students will benefit from the collaboration between their liberal arts teachers, who will work to coordinate assignments and skill building activities so that there is more synergy between these classes, less redundancy in terms of instruction and less stress for students.

Students will be enrolled in AP English 11 and AP US History for an entire year. Both of these classes will be scheduled during the same period and students will attend each class on alternating days. For example, if this year long class is scheduled for second period, during second period on the first day, the student attends English class. During second period on the second day, the student attends history class. We believe that this option is a beneficial one and look forward to working with the students that are interested in this model.

Home Economics ROP Culinary Arts (H7512) Do you like to cook? This is an entry-level course designed to provide an introduction to the art of food preparation and the skills of hospitality and food service. You will learn how to plan, prepare, cook, and enjoy the culinary creations you make in the classroom. Particular focus will be on developing the cooking skills and knowledge necessary to successfully create a wide array of cuisines.

ROP International Foods (H7518) This advanced foods course places emphasis on culinary skill improvement and provides a more challenging hands-on experience for the student that loves to cook. The course will take you on a journey of International Foods as we explore cuisines, customs and cultures from around the world. Completion of ROP Culinary Arts required for enrollment.

Interior Design (H7522) Learn how to create living environments that reflect personality and creativity as well as meet practical needs. Students explore the elements that enhance homes: design principles, color theory, space planning, furniture styles, and use of accessories; then, students apply those elements to create several actual interior designs for themselves and for various “clients” with varied budgets.

Mustang Courses AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) (Y8661) A national program, this college preparatory program is for students in the middle who are often economically disadvantaged

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