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Skateboard PE (P0571) Off Campus. SK8 at the YMCA skate park. Learn novice, intermediate and expert levels in street and competition half pipes, vert, bowl, ramps, rails, boxes, hips etc. Requirements: safety gear, helmet, elbow and knee pads, own transportation.

Dance Choreography P (B6691) Are you a dancer? Use your skills and experience to choreograph original dances in Dance Choreography. Dance Choreography students showcase their semester’s work in an end-of-the-semester Dance Show presented to SDA students, staff and families. Prerequisite: Year One PE

Soccer PE (P0596) Play soccer arena style at the YMCA. Both boys and girls are welcome. Must have own transportation.

Athletics PE (P0662) Grades 10-12 only Students may earn a total of 10 credits (5 credits per season) for participation in a school sponsored CIF interscholastic athletic program carried on wholly or partially after regular school hours. Students enrolled in Independent Study PE who participate in their sport as a regular PE class, are not eligible for this credit. The student must successfully complete the season in order to receive credit. Approved contract MUST be on file prior to the start of the season.

ISPE Independent Study PE (P0660) This class requires personal accountability and maturity. Students are responsible for fulfilling all of the requirements of the ISPE contract available on line at the athletics web site. ISPE is currently offered for the following criteria (1) exceptionally gifted, state or regionally ranked athletes,(2) students wishing to take an advanced level in a course we are not currently offering, (3) students who have restricted schedules such as AVID,(4) students with medical conditions.

ISMPE Independent Study Music PE (P0661) All SDUHSD students enrolled in school sanctioned music classes are eligible for “Independent Music P.E.” (ISMPE) credit. “Independent Music P.E.” is administered by music teachers at each site. Students must be enrolled in school sanctioned music programs, in order to be eligible to enroll in “Independent Music P.E.”

Life Science Please note: Students must take one term (2 quarters) of a life science and one term (2 quarters) of a physical science to graduate. Any course above that amount is an elective.

Marine Biology (R4559) From the smallest plankton to the largest whales, embark upon a journey to the world of marine biology by exploring the environments of the deep ocean, open ocean, kelp forests, coral reefs, tide pools, rocky shores, sandy beaches and salt water marshes. Learn about the organisms living in them. What makes them tick? What adaptations make them so successful? What impacts them and what can we learn from them? Come join in the discovery! This non-college preparatory science class fulfills high school graduation life science requirement.

Biology I P (R4562) Biology is an action packed course in life. Biology studies the processes and functions of all living things. We perform labs almost constantly. Major projects in this course feature the dissection of a fetal pig (with a partner, you get to wear gloves, and we use lots of air freshener), genetics, science projects, and debates on current controversies in biological science. Prerequisite: Algebra, C or better & passing middle school science or Earth & Space.

AP Biology (R4571) Recommended: completion of Biology, Chemistry and enrollment in AP Environmental Science. AP Biology, is an advanced life science course that is offered only in the fall term. It provides students the opportunity to pursue and possibly receive credit for

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