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college-level course work. The course is intended to be the equivalent of a freshman university level biology course that focuses on deep understanding of the major Biological concepts. Students should be aware that this is a demanding and rigorous course. Be advised that due to time the expansive content material covered by the AP Biology Exam, a successful student will maintain a committed independent reading program and spring term enrollment in AP Environmental Science is strongly recommended.

Intro To Biotech P (R4966) This course is a hands-on fun and dynamic way to explore science and see how biology is really used in the world. Explore the expanding field of biotechnology, a career field devoted to improving human health through the research and development of products related to the biomedical and agricultural industries. In Introduction to Biotechnology you will have opportunities to use the unique biotechnology equipment that practicing scientists use, you will do "meaningful" activities such as forensic science investigations, manipulation of DNA in micro-organisms, and a number of field trips. The course begins with Biotech “Boot Camp” where you will jump right in and experience hands-on laboratory techniques and skills. Not sure you like Science? Check this course out…you will!!! Prerequisites: Algebra I, Biology concurrent or completed.

Biotechnology Applications P (R4965) What is Biotechnology? It is an expanding field devoted to improving human health through the research, development, testing, manufacturing, and marketing of products related to the biomedical and agricultural industries. Biotechnology Applications will take students deep into the world of research, development, and investigative biological science. Students will experience unique opportunities not readily available in other life science courses, including the use of sophisticated laboratory equipment such as the biological safety cabinets for tissue culture, advanced techniques such as plant cloning, as well

as field trips to local biotechnology companies. Recommendations: completed, Chemistry concurrent or completed.

Algebra I, Biology

Health Care Essentials (K7521) Health Care Essentials is an SDA elective course that is designed to provide an excellent foundation for students considering a career in health care. In addition to a review of human anatomy, physiology, and medical terminology, this course will explore career pathways, nutrition, ethics, workplace skills, and the social and economic factors that influence health care policy. This class is usually team taught by a health care professional and an SDA science teacher. Projects, guest speakers, CPR certification, and field trips will be incorporated to foster a meaningful and relevant curriculum.

Physical Science Please note: Students must take one term (2 quarters) of a life science and one term (2 quarters) of a physical science to graduate. Any course above that amount is an elective.

Earth and Space Science P

(R4560) Recommended: completion of Algebra I with grade of “C”

or better, or concurrent enrollment. UC/CSU approved elective.

This course is a college

preparatory course in physical science. It satisfies the physical science requirement for high school graduation as well as a college preparatory elective. During this course, students will embark upon a journey exploring this planet’s place in the universe, learn about the dynamics that control its atmosphere, study the workings of its interior and information of its surface, and

investigate the physical world of oceans.

Throughout this class, students will explore the nature

of Science important. This course will cover the following , w h a t i t i how it works and why it is s , topics: astronomy, meteorology, geology and oceanography.

Chemistry P (R4564) Do you like magic? Enter the “explosive” world of chemistry



college preparatory lab physical science is wonderful. There are lots of labs and cool demonstrations. Recommended: completion of Algebra II and completion of Biology.

AP Chemistry (R4569) Recommended: completion of Algebra II, recommend completion of Biology with an A or B, and highly recommended completion of Chemistry with an A or B.

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