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Activity – A positioned GPM object with assigned duration representing a discrete part of the work, with or without assigned resources and cost attributes, or a zero-resource restraint to another Activity.

Benchmark – A GPM event object designating a deadline or used to “cut” floats (drifts), if floats (drifts) are allocated to the phase defined by the benchmark v. accumulating from completion (to project start).

Drift– GPM-calculated Activity and Milestone attribute, which measures by how many days an Activity or Milestone may backslide to an earlier Position without forcing an earlier project start.

Embedded Node (Embed) – An event intermediate of, or right on, the start and finish nodes of an Activity, through which the Activity is connected to a successor start node, from a predecessor finish node, to/from an embed of another Activity, or to a Benchmark.  

FloatGPM-calculated attribute, which measures by how many days an Activity or Milestone may slip beyond its Position without extending overall schedule completion.  An analogous concept to Total Float, except it is measured with respect to Planned Dates as opposed to “early dates.”

GapGPM-calculated Relationship attribute measuring leeway by how many days the predecessor may slip beyond its Position without delaying the successor’s Position (Activity or Milestone).

Milestone – A GPM event dating a key point in the schedule, which, if constrained, distributes the project duration to preset stages, and, if unconstrained, reflects the forecasted date for the milestone.

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