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and Associate Vice President for Facilities and Services, Joe Fisher, dealing with contracts related to the University’s energy performance program.

Chair Mattern advised that the Finance Committee also heard from Vice President Weese on the FY2009 Key Monthly and Financial Indicators and Capital Projects Status Report through February 28, 2009, which revealed that WVU is ahead of last year’s operating budget by 1.5%; that student enrollment numbers are moving forward; that all major revenue sources are positive; and that WVU currently has three building projects which are being completed, namely, the Intermodal Transportation Facility and Parking Garage, the Early Childhood Center, and the Downtown Residence Hall.

The Finance Committee also discussed the Emergency Call-In Policy, and recommended movement to today’s Consent Agenda items. Vice President for Legal Affairs, Bobbie Brandt, also added that the Division of Human Resources requested that this policy be made effective May 1, 2009.

Strategic Plans, Initiatives and Accreditations Committee: Drew Payne, Chair of the Strategic Plans, Initiatives and Accreditations Committee, reported that Dr. Curt Peterson, Vice President for Research and Economic Development and President of the WVU Research Corporation, appeared before the committee to present a Report/Presentation on the Research Enterprise.

Chair Payne also advised that the committee reviewed and discussed both the Graduate Program Review Recommendations and the Medical Technology Program Modification: Request for a name change for the degree program and major, “B.S. in Medical Technology” to “B.S. in Medical Laboratory Science” by the Department of Pathology, WVU School of Medicine, both of which items were recommended for approval as part of today’s Consent Agenda.

Chair Payne reported on the Research Trust Fund, listed initially as an Information Item on our current agenda. Mr. Payne advised that we have a total of $740,575.00 of gifts in hand that fall under the focus areas of the strategic plan that the BOG approved in June, 2008. Mr. Payne announced that during the committee meeting, a motion was made and duly passed to move this Research Trust Fund agenda item to the Consent Agenda for approval. With the pre-requisite certifications required in this process achieved, Mr. Payne, as Chair of the Strategic Plans, Initiatives, and Accreditations Committee, recommended that the Board approve this request for match on its Consent Agenda. Upon such approval, the request can be sent to the Vice Chancellor for Science and Research in Charleston.

Health Sciences Committee: Ellen Cappellanti, Chair of the Health Sciences Committee, reported that this committee wants to introduce the Board to different constituency groups involved with West Virginia University, and committee members were privy to an informative presentation today by Dr. Louise Veselicky, of the WVU School of Dentistry, dealing with the poor status of oral health care in West Virginia.

Divisional Campus Committee: Ed Robinson, Chair of the Divisional Campus Committee, advised that Dr. Scott Hurst, Campus Provost of West Virginia University Institute of Technology, and Dr. Kerry Odell, Campus Provost of Potomac State College of West Virginia

April 3, 2009


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