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retyped the information into a desktop application and printed it for review and final distribution to maintenance sites. Urgent revisions were made and distrib- uted over several days via fax; non-urgent revisions were distributed quarterly on microfilm. To ensure the best possible prac- tices, American Airlines wanted to make all revisions available within 24 hours after they were approved.

REUSABILIT Y To meet the goal, American Airlines and its Sabre subsidiary decided to adopt a fully electronic, or ePaper,® workflow. To speed the process, they contracted with DocuCentric to design and implement the Work Card Management System (WCMS), based on Adobe FrameMaker+SGML, Adobe Acrobat software, Adobe PDF, and the Documentum Enterprise Document Management (EDM) server. “The benefits of the Adobe ePaper solution at American Airlines are far-reaching,” says Scott Gavin, president of DocuCentric. “Not only did the company achieve its goal of distributing updates within 24 hours, it reduced the time spent authoring and distributing.”

Now, engineers enter work card informa- tion from manufacturers into Adobe FrameMaker+SGML, using the template DocuCentric developed to help ensure a uniform look and organization. The FrameMaker+SGML interface is intuitive and eliminates the need for American Airlines authors to learn SGML—and once

the online system is fully up and running, mechanics can search for and find the information they need.

“With FrameMaker+SGML and Adobe PDF,

manuals that previously took two weeks

to distribute will be available in less than

a day online.”

  • Marvin Henderson

Senior analyst American Airlines

FULLY ELEC TRONIC WORKFLOW After completing a work card, the engineer loads the FrameMaker+SGML file into the Documentum EDM server, where all approved materials are converted nightly to Adobe PDF files. Field mechanics can view and print the newly created Adobe PDF files from line stations connected to American Airlines’ wide area network. “The compact size of Adobe PDF files saves storage and bandwidth requirements,” says Marvin Henderson, senior analyst with American Airlines. DocuCentric cataloged the Adobe PDF files by searchable attributes, such as fleet type, maintenance tasks, and equipment tables. The ability to do full text searches within Adobe PDF files will enable mechan- ics to search by attribute and quickly locate the appropriate work card and information within the file.

UP-TO - DATE ELEC TRONIC MANUALS American Airlines is realizing the benefits of an electronic document workflow. To create its aircraft maintenance manuals, American Airlines authors import SGML, provided by

manufacturers, into FrameMaker+SGML, applying document type definitions (DTD) and templates created by DocuCentric. After approval, documents are output as Adobe PDF files. “The FAA is extremely vigilant about airlines providing mechanics with the most up-to-date information to complete a task,” says Henderson. “With FrameMaker+SGML and Adobe PDF, man- uals that previously took two weeks to dis- tribute will be available in less than a day online. And no matter whether you’re in London or San Diego, when you view that manual on the screen you know that you’re viewing the latest information.”

ENHANCED SAFET Y AND TIME SAVINGS Henderson concludes, “The electronic work- flow with FrameMaker+SGML and Adobe PDF saves an enormous amount of time. In addition to enhancing safety by ensuring that updated information is available on the field, it will free maintenance engineers from busywork and help them focus more on the meat of their jobs.”


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