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The Great Depression is a singular event in the historyof - page 2 / 9





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Students will receive two points for each accurate explanation listed on Attachment C, , OR one point for each explanation that is partially correct.

  • 1.

    Conduct the pre-assessment activity and discuss.

  • 2.

    Provide students with a brief introduction to the idea of ‘business cycles’ or the expansion and contraction of the economy.

  • 3.

    Have students read the relevant section(s) of the textbook as homework. Tell them to read for information related to the causes of the Great Depression and how it differed from normal recessions in the business cycle.

4. Distribute Attachment A,

, and explain that the

students are to take notes on each section of the chart as the lesson proceeds. 5. Ask a series of questions to elicit information about the causes of the Great

Depression, such as:

As students share what they read for homework, help them make notes and categorize the information under the headings on Attachment A. If the textbook does not address one of the areas listed on Attachment A or has insufficient information, provide supplemental information. Use

Attachment C



to provide commentary


  • 6.

    Continue questioning students and help them finish completing Attachment A. Have students check their notes and answer any questions. Summarize points listed for each section of the chart.

  • 7.

    Select excerpts from various historical fiction and non-fiction works about the Great Depression that relate to the causes of the Depression outline in the completed Attachment A and that show a sense of the despair and desperation of the times. Read the excerpts to the class.

  • 8.

    Display four Depression-era photographs.

  • 9.

    Tell students to analyze the photos and write a paragraph describing their general mood.

  • 10.

    Have students choose one person from the photos and write a one-page journal entry. The journal should be completed from that person’s perspective and should include a heading with the person’s name, location and the date. The body of the journal text should include a description of a typical day in the life of that person.

  • 11.

    Give the students 20 minutes to complete this activity and have volunteers share what they wrote.


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