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12. Have students complete the post-assessment. Determine student achievement by using the scoring guidelines.

Instruction is differentiated according to learner needs, to help all learners either meet the intent of the specified indicator(s) or, if the indicator is already met, to advance beyond the specified indicator(s).

  • Have students compare their Attachment A graphic organizers to check for accuracy

and completeness.

  • Provide students with peer note-takers.

  • Provide extended time for completion of Attachment A.

  • Allow students to choose a different method of assessment (oral, presentational, etc.)

Have students find a current newspaper article that addresses one of the factors contributing to the Great Depression. Have students compare what is currently happening related to the selected factor with the conditions that led to the Great Depression. Ask students to explain why the country is, or is not, presently in a depression.

Provide students with the following list of prices for common goods circa. 1932- 1934. Have students use newspaper ads to compare current prices for the same goods.

Sirloin steak (per pound)


Chicken (per pound)


Bread (20-ounce loaf)


Potatoes (per pound)


Bananas (per pound)


Milk (per quart)


Cheese (per pound)


Tomatoes (16-ounce can)


Oranges (per dozen)


Cornflakes (8 ounces)


Discuss with students the role played by inflation when comparing prices from any era with today’s prices. Have students compare the relative prices for two goods in the different time periods (e.g., a quart of milk costs twice as much as a 20-ounce loaf of bread in 1932-1934; today a quart of milk costs ____ relative to the cost for a 20- ounce loaf of bread).

Have students read an article on a recent recession, researching the causes and government responses. Tell students to look for similarities in the causes of all recessions and compare them to the causes of the Great Depression. Have them identify developments during the 1930s that made the Depression unique in American history.


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