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SURE Calculator Instructions


Definition of a “farm”: (as defined in the 2008 Farm Bill) The term “farm” means, the sum of all acreage in all counties that is planted or intended to be planted for harvest by the eligible producer. In the case of aquaculture, the term “farm” means all fish being produced in all counties that are intended to be harvested for sale by the eligible producer. In the case of honey, the term “farm” means all bees and beehives in all counties that are intended to be harvested for a honey crop by the eligible producer.

Purpose: This calculator is being provided as a tool to help with calculations for the Supplemental Revenue Assistance Payments (SURE), it is not the approved software to compute and provide actual payment information. Users will be able to calculate their estimated SURE Guarantee, estimated Expected Revenue, estimated Farm Revenue and estimated SURE payment.

NOTE – this calculator is designed to compute standard yield-based commodities and does not adjust for Prevented (PP), Unharvested (UH), or similar adjustments. Likewise, most revenue and value-loss policies will not contain yield and price information necessary for this calculator. Actual FSA payment software is in the developmental stage and will be released to County FSA Offices after formulation, testing and approval. You can use this calculator to obtain an approximate SURE payment based on the data that is entered. The result will only be as good as your estimates and entries.

Opening the Calculator: This calculator was developed using Microsoft Office Excel 2003 and may not be fully functional using other versions. When users click to open the calculator, they will receive a Security Warning pop-up box. Users must choose to “Enable Macros” to allow the calculator to work. Also, the disclaimer provided in the calculator worksheet requires agreement before a user may proceed. Click on the “I Agree” button to be able to start the process. Next, click on the “Record Crop Information” button.

Entries: As information is entered, the use of the TAB key will move the cursor to the next cell to the right. The function to go back to previous worksheets is designated as a BLUE arrow button. The function to move forward in the worksheets is designated by a GREEN arrow button. These buttons are located in the top portion of the worksheet. Users may also navigate to different areas of the worksheet from the Summary Page by clicking on the button with their desired worksheet title.

If a crop has more than one intended use such as corn for grain and corn for silage, enter on two separate lines. If a crop has different shares, the acreage should be totaled and entered on separate lines, by share. For example: a producer owned and cash rented (100% share) on three farms with corn for grain acreage, totaling 100 acres. The same producer rents 50 acres of corn for grain on two other farms on a one third/two thirds share basis. This producer would enter his corn for grain on separate lines.

Users who have a crop that is not insurable and not eligible for the Non-Insured Crop Disaster Assistance Program (NAP): At this time, this crop would not be used to calculate a SURE guarantee but would be used to calculate Farm Revenue. In this case, a user would enter data in the SURE Guarantee worksheet in the following columns only: Crop, Crop Type (not required), Intended Use, Producer Share, and Insured Acres column. The user would also enter data into the following columns in the SURE Revenue worksheet: Actual Yield and National Average Market Price (the other entries will carry-over from the SURE Guarantee worksheet). This crop data will not be included in the “SURE Guarantee” or the “Expected Revenue” calculations, but will be included in the “Farm Revenue” total.

SURE Calculator Version 1 - August 2008

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