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Appendix 1

Appendix 1 Woodland management grants

Woodland management is eligible for grant aid, either from the Forestry Commission Wales (Better Woodlands for Wales Scheme) or the Welsh Assembly Government (Tir Gofal).

Better Woodlands for Wales

Better Woodlands for Wales40 is the current Forestry Commission Wales (FCW) grant scheme designed to meet The Welsh Assembly Government’s Woodland Strategy, Woodlands for Wales41. The scheme has been developed in consultation with woodland owners and their agents as well as partner organisations. As a result, the new scheme places greater emphasis on good quality woodland management and offers grants specially designed for Welsh woodlands. Grant aid is now based upon an approved long-term management plan. This plan must meet the minimum standards under the UK Woodland Assurance Scheme (UKWAS).

FCW-approved management planners assist woodland owners to decide what management is required and how to implement it. The management planner prepares a management plan and submits the grant application.

Specialist assessors are available when preparing plans and can help with particular areas such as Continuous Cover Forestry, Woodland Ecology, Deer Management, Social Forestry and Plantations on Ancient Woodland Sites (PAWS).

the environmental, historical and cultural features on their land. Tir Gofal builds on the experience of previous schemes such as Environmentally Sensitive Areas (ESAs) and Tir Cymen. It is designed to support the farming community in protecting the rich heritage of rural Wales and reflects the Welsh Assembly Government’s priorities for sustainable farming, coupled with greater opportunities for public enjoyment of the countryside. Agreements apply to the whole farm and last for 10 years with a break clause after five years. The minimum size of holding eligible for Tir Gofal is three hectares.

Within Tir Gofal there is a woodland management element aimed at broadleaved farm woodlands. Management of these woodlands aims to maintain or increase the composition of native broadleaved trees, which must form at least 50% of the woodland. This is achieved by agreeing a programme of work with the project officer such as thinning or coppicing of the trees within at least part of the wood. There will also be a limit to the number of grazing animals which can have access to the woodland. There is also an option to establish new broadleaved woodlands and scrub. If areas exceed 0.25 ha, they will be funded by the Forestry Commission for Wales Better Woodlands for Wales Scheme (see above, Better Woodlands for Wales). Funding is also available for replanting parkland or orchard trees.

For more information and how to apply, contact the Welsh Assembly Government, local Divisional Office:

Tir Gofal

Tir Gofal is the Welsh Assembly Governments flagship agri-environment scheme that assists farmers in caring for


01267 225300


01286 674144

Llandrindod Wells

01597 823777

Information is also available at: www.countryside.wales.gov.uk

  • 40.

    More information on the FCW Better Woodland for Wales grant scheme can be found at www.forestry.gov.uk

  • 41.

    ‘Woodlands for Wales’ sets out The National Assembly for Wales’ strategy for trees and woodlands in Wales. The document and

more information can be found on www.forestry.gov.uk


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