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Enforcement 4th Quarter 2000

During the fourth quarter, October through December 2000, Motor Carrier Transportation Division staff completed a total of 161 formal, civil enforcement actions. The number following each name indicates the number of violations confirmed in the process.

Denotes failure to comply with a vehicle or driver out-of-service notice. ** Denotes second complaint within five years. *** Denotes third complaint within one year of second.

  • Denotes failure to produce records, which may result in suspension of authority.

  • ••

    Denotes failure to produce records a second time, which may result in cancellation of authority. Safety Violations

A total of 75 enforcement actions involved violations discovered during safety compliance reviews at carriersterminals, or violations related to failure to comply with an out-of-service notice.

2D Trucking LLC 14 A & R Transport 1 A J Crushing, Inc. 10 AAA Maries Water Delivery 11 All Seasons Asphalt 4 Alton E Sullivan

Construction, Inc. 2** Armstrong Trucking, Inc. 10 Armstrong Wood

Products, Inc. 15 Bear Creek Resources 11 Ron Bowers, Inc. 21 Jim Cant Excavating 7 Cascade Paving, Inc. 30,

including 6 violations related to transporting hazardous materials Casual Trucking Co. 15 Richard L Clark Logging, Inc. 16 Condon Trading Post 7 Cooleys Farm Service 50** Covered Bridge Const., Inc. 14 Stanley Davis Trucking 11 Mike Dean Trucking, Inc. 53 Delta Sand & Gravel Co. 4 Richard R Dunn Trucking 23 F & R Ent., Inc. 9 Finn Brothers, Inc. 4 Gentry Transportation, Inc. 3 Paul H Harpole 1 Haywire L F O 6 Heard Farms, Inc. 4 Mark Heuett

General Contracting 1 Hodgson & Son, Inc. 19 Hopkins Trucking, Inc. 92**

Motor Carrier News March 2001

Humbert Construction, Inc. 10 Humbert Refuse &

Recycling, Inc. 8 J B Instant Lawn, Inc. 25** Janz Berryland 93 Jefferson State Pumping, Inc. 5** Jensens Tree Service, Inc. 8 Bret Wayne Jobe 7 Jones Truck Line, Inc. 29 K N Equipment Leasing, Inc. 10 Kirkpatrick Trucking, Inc. 9 L A Excavation & Construction 3 L Z N Excavation, Inc. 45 L & S Trucking 46 Lane Forest Products, Inc. 12 Leeway Logging, Inc. 14** Lucas Trucking, Inc. 4 Mat II Transportation 9 McKinney & Son, Inc. 20 Mid Valley Gravel Co. 24 P Miller & Sons

Contractors, Inc. 6** F Muhlnickel, Inc. 3 Offenbacher Earthworks, Inc. 12 Pacific West Coast

Trucking, Inc. 17** Norman Qualey 10 Quality Trading Co. LLC 3 Rail Hollow Produce 7 Risseeuw Timber Co., Inc. 31 Rogue Valley Fuel 19 S B Trucking Ltd. 1 Shadow Trucking 39 Sheridan Transport, Inc. 12 Skillman Logging 9 Larry Lee Smith 1 William Francis Smith 6 Dan Stearns Trucking, Inc. 6*** Steevens Bros., Inc. 7 Thomas H Ireland III 30 TMC of Lakeview 21 Trailblazer Food Products 12 Tri-West Transportation Co. 29 United Brokers Co. 15 Volk Excavating 22 , including

one violation related to jumping out of serviceWalts Concrete Co. 7 Laura Lee Wells 3 Warren E Wickum 16

Other Safety Violations

A total of 37 enforcement actions involved failure to return a Driver or Equipment Compliance Check Form after a safety inspection, or failure to produce safety-related records.

All Truck & Trailer Repair 1 APC Underground, Inc. 1 Big Toe Transpo 1 Bratch Trucking, Inc. 1 C M D Transportation, Inc. 1 C & E Log Transport 1 Carousel Transport, Inc./

Mickey Blair 1 Cascade Wholesale of

Oregon, Inc. 1 Centerline Contractors, Inc. 1 D P Express 1 Ryan Denton Trucking 1

Guy Devers 1 E A F Medelez Bros. 1 Randy Ellis Trucking, Inc. 1 Jose M Escobar 4 ,

including one violation related to jumping out-of-serviceMario Garza Trucking 1 Esmond Graham 10H T I Handley

Transportation, Inc. 1 Hector Trucking 1 J & M Transport 1 Kalina Hauling 1 Los Lios Trucking 1 Minco Transport, Inc. 1 Monster Trucks 1 Shawn F Montgomery

Construction 1 N D Trucking 1 National Freight Lines, Inc. 1 Pamma Trucking 1 Parminder Trucking 1 Pavement Maintenance, Inc. 1 S Allen Rolfness III 10•• Ryder Integrated Logistics, Inc. 1 Sahagun Trucking 1 Saleen Trucking 1 U S Xpress, Inc. 1 Universal Applicators, Inc. 1 West Coast Seal Coating, Inc. 1

Other Violations

A total of 49 enforcement actions involved violations related to operating without valid registra- tion, permit, plates and passes, or operating without a required size or weight variance permit.

A & B Asphalt, Inc. 7 Fred Alberg Trucking 4 Allied Van Lines, Inc. 2 All Service Transport Corp. 3 Avram Transport 2 Bethlehem Construction, Inc. 2 Glenn Bradley Trucking 15 C R S T, Inc. 1** City Delivery, Inc. 2 Contract Freighters, Inc. 9 Darigold, Inc. 8 EMS Transportation, Inc. 4 FAF, Inc. 4 First Choice Movers 2** C Garza 2** Goselin Transportation 16 Hyman

Refrigerated Transport 25** I B & Sons Trucking Co. 4 Ideal, Inc. 6 I M A C C Corp. 6 J J&C Delivery 1** Kent Moving System 1 Key Trucking, Inc. 2** Lumbermans of

Washington, Inc. 4 Mainland Trucking Corp. 1 Meyers Van Lines 5 Morgan Redi-Mix (CA) 4 North American Van Lines, Inc. 2 Onarheim Trucking 3 Polar Roller Express, Inc. 4 Randal Concrete Pumping 8

Andrew M Riojas 2** Rogue Valley Fuel 4 Ty Ross Trucking 2 Rotschy, Inc. 8** Royal Heights Transfer 2 Schneider National

Carriers, Inc. 3 Skool Busn Charter Co. 3 Star Tank Lines 3 Steele Trucking, Inc. 4** T & T Milk Transport, Inc. 4 Onesimo Vela 4 Volga Trucking Co., Inc. 2 Western Feed

Supplements, Inc. 2 Western Ports

Transportation, Inc. 2** Larry White Trucking (WA) 2 Willamette Valley Moving 1 Willamette Express LTD 1 Zwald West Transport, Inc. 6

Other Enforcement 4th Quarter 2000

Following are results of enforcement actions by Motor Carrier Enforce- ment Officers at the roadside during the fourth quarter:

Warnings Issued 7,646

Truck Weight-Related Citations 4,178

Truck Size-Related Citations 470

Trucks Required to Legalize(Correct) Size and/or Weight 2,356

Other Citations Issued 2,207

Citations for Operating Without ODOT Tax License 992

The numbers shown here do not include enforce- ment actions by Oregon State Police or city and county enforcement officers.


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