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Construction Spanish Dictionary Ingles y Español

What if there was a way to help bridge the gap between English and Spanish speaking construction workers?

The Construction Spanish Dictionary is a pocket- sized tool that contains the basic English-to-Spanish and Spanish-to-English vocabulary for commonly used words and phrases in the construction and mining industries.

The challenge

According to the Pew Hispanic Center’s Latino Labor Report, the employment of foreign-born Hispanics in construction increased by over 914,000 workers between the years of 2003 and 2006.1

In 2005, the National Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries recorded a fatality rate of 11 workers per 100,000 employed (1,186 overall) for the construction industry.2 Unfortunately, Hispanic workers suffer a disproportionate share of those fatalities. While Hispanics represent approximately 15% of the construction work force, they account for 26.5% of industry fatalities.3

More than just terms or phrases, managers need a resource for understanding the basics of the language their Hispanic workers use – a tool that lets them communicate the tasks, issues and questions that occur on a jobsite.

The solution

The Construction Spanish Dictionary is an important tool for English-speaking construction personnel working with individuals who predominantly speak Spanish. It enhances learning and work performance by providing a bridge to the language barrier in on-the-job communications.

Published by Investment Group Services, Ltd., this pocket-sized reference guide contains up-to-date translations of construction words and phrases in English-to-Spanish and Spanish-to-English. There are over 1,000 construction terms and 70 commonly used on-the-job phrases including phonetic pronunciation, a tools section, commonly used sentences and conversion tables.


  • Provides a portable method for understanding the basics of Spanish construction terminology including English-to-Spanish and Spanish-to- English glossaries

  • Offers terms and phrases specific to construction tasks, issues, schedules and dialogue for many on-the-job situations

  • Presents information in a logical manner that makes it quick and simple to find what users require

For more information

To obtain your complimentary copy of the Construction Spanish Dictionary please contact your risk engineering account coordinator or call 1-800-982-5964.

Source: 1 Pew Hispanic Center, Latino Labor Report of 2006 2 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics 3 U.S. Census Surveys; Department of Labor, Directorate of Construction

Additional copies may be purchased at a discount by contacting the Construction Communication Corporation at 1-970-568-3184.

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