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From the Editor

Dear Community,

While I know that there are far more important issues for our government to be thinking about these days, I just can’t help but bring up the question...

How do I get a holiday date changed in this country? Every year I find myself wishing Halloween fell on a Saturday. Come on, who’s with me? Wouldn’t it be easier and more fun for everyone if Halloween was like Labor Day? Let’s change Halloween so it’s always on the last Saturday of October.

I think kids would enjoy it more. They could stay up late, basking in the glow of their KitKats and sleep off the sugar coma the day after. And moreove , most parents wouldn’t have to rush home from work to get junior all wrapped up in his mummy costume and out the door by six o’clock!

If anyone out there has any ideas on how I can make “Halloween Legislation,” please write. Oh, and I’m sure someone out there will have a plausible reason why this isn’t a good idea. I want to hear that too.

And, make sure you stop by our house (2628 Orlando Place) on Halloween night. Gary and I are working on our annual trick-or-treat extrava- ganza! It’s big I tell you!

Please submit articles by November 15th for inclusion in the December/January NL to tarataylor914@comcast.net Please use the word Blackboard in the subject header to avoid being suspected as a spammer! Questions/problems, call 412-244-3949

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Thank You. Thank You. Thank You!

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