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Its components are "GRAS" by FDA.

11.2 Acute toxicity Ld/lc50 values remarkable for classification

Ld50/ Lc50 (oral rat): >>10,000mg/kg

  • 12.

    Ecological information

    • 12.1

      persistence and biodegradability

The polymeric element is not biodegradable (PE, PS, PMMA.........or as shown on the label) The remaining part is completely biodegradable.

12.2 environment effects A biologic accumulation is unlikely. There is no danger or restriction for rail transport

12.3 Eco-toxic effect It is determined that there are no harmful eco-toxic effects to the fish How to handle situation when product gets into water plant: It is determined not to have any harmful effects in the water plant

12.4 More Ecologic Indications Handle with care and correct usage so as to not cause any negative effects to the environment

13 Considerations for Proper Disposal

13.1 Disposal of the product or its residuals: it can be disposed by burning, landfill or according to city regulations

13.2 Container disposal: it can be disposed by burning, landfill or according to city regulations

14 Transport Information

14.1 There is no danger or restriction for any mode of transport

15 Regulations Information

    • 15.1

      Labelling in compliance with European (CEE) regulations: exempt

  • 16.

    Additional Information

All data shown on this sheet are based on the information available at our company on the last issue date. They do not mean any assurance for every specific feature of the product and represent no contract obligation.

The user must make sure of the conformity and completeness of information with regard to the specific use of the product.

The information furnished in this MSDS is not intended to create any liability of any kind on the part of Moulds Plus International. In no event Moulds Plus International will be responsible for any death, injury or damage of any nature resulting from the use of reliance upon, or measure of the MSDS or

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