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Ready-to-Use Purging Compound

ULTRA PURGE Low-E is a specially designed cleaning compound that comes premixed in a ready- to-use pellet form. It cleans black specks and deposits from - screws, barrels, nozzle, hot runners and heads of extruders. Superior results are obtained when doing periodic cleaning or color changes with all thermoplastics resins such as:

PVC, EVA, TPE, POM (Acetal), TPR, etc…

With working temperature from 284º F to 500º F (140º C to 260º C).0

How Ultra Purge works:

  • ULTRA PURGE is nonabrasive and works through a chemical reaction. With the presence of an innovative chemical component, color, incrustation, black specks and also rust are softened, removed and ejected from the press.

  • The new formula is added with expanding agents, which allow the compound to be more efficient even in difficult to clean situation.

  • ULTRA PURGE cleans at the processing temperature of the previous production material.

  • ULTRA PURGE is recommended for injection molding machines, extruders and hot runners.


  • EU food contact certified

  • Only a small quantity is required (0ne Barrel Full)

  • Non-Toxic

  • No soak-time required

  • Easy-to-use and efficient in cleaning process

  • No more wasting of materials or loss of production time

  • Odorless…does not produce gasses of any kind

  • Does not contain solvents, therefore it will not ruin any equipment

  • If used frequently, ULTRA PURGE will preserve equipment from steel oxidation by forming a

protective, anti-adherent layer which makes the next cleaning process quicker and easier

  • All components are qualified as GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) by FDA


  • A second run may be required to fully purge an older or overused machine.

  • It is highly recommended that the Ultra Purge container be properly sealed after each use. The forming of small clots of sticky substance may occur due to moisture. Please note that this will not alter the efficiency of the product.

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