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4. Medical First Aid Information

General Information

    • 4.1

      By inhalation: no particular precaution is required

    • 4.2

      By accidental contact with eyes: in case of contact with a melted polymer, rinse out with running

water and call a physician immediately

4.3 By accidental contact with skin: in case of contact with a melted polymer, rinse with running water and call a physician immediately

    • 4.4

      If swallowed: no harmful effect has been found after swallow of the resin

  • 5.

    Fire Precautions

    • 5.1.

      Suitable extinguishing equipment: atomised water jet, extinguish dust, sand, foam, carbon


5.2 Extinguish material unsuitable for safety reasons: according to our present knowledge there is none

5.3 Particular dangers coming from the substance, from the same compound, from the combustion products or from the exhaled gases: as for every polymeric product, a wrong combustion might provoke carbon monoxide fumes.

    • 5.4

      Safety equipment for fire watchers: respirator in case of unventilated area

  • 6.

    Measures by accidental out rush

    • 6.1

      Personal precautions - no particular precaution is required

    • 6.2

      Environment protection - comply with local regulations

    • 6.3

      Cleaning/gathering procedures: use of mechanical means

  • 7.

    Handling, storage and usage

    • 7.1

      handling: handle as a thermoplastic resin. Before introduce Ultra Purge in the machine read

always the MSDS of the product with Ultra Purge will be in contact with

7.2 Storage: store in a cool and dry area, normally ventilated. Make sure that the bucket is perfectly closed after taking of quantity necessary for more or less immediate use. The formation of small clots of sticky substance inside the bucket does not injury the efficiency of the product, it just shows the moisture absorption index.

  • 8.

    Exposure Control/Individual Protection

    • 8.1

      General precautions:

When cleaning the press or the extruder, follow the same precautions as if working with melted polymers

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