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Customer Case Study

Global Clothing Store Retailer Completes Successful Digital Signage Deployment

This small box retailer proved the value of the centralized Cisco Digital Media System (DMS) in lower overhead, zero reliance on store personnel, and the immediate ability to post the latest TV commercials.

Investigate potential of digital signage to display up-to-date branding and drive additional sales in the stores

Choose between centralized, network-based and in-store, PC-based digital media solutions

  • 1,000 stores worldwide

Successfully deployed Cisco Digital Media System at pilot store, headquarters lobby, and digital media lab

Proved the value of centralized network deployment, eliminating management responsibilities of store personnel and allowing continuous refresh of content

  • Cisco Digital Media System for Retail

Part of a large multi-brand fashion company, this retailer depends on distinctive branding and competitive pricing to drive customers to its stores. A large part of that branding is conveyed in TV commercials that target teenagers and young adults in their 20s.

As part of a broad store redesign that includes a different store layout, brighter lighting, and more direct employee-to-customer interaction, the company investigated digital signage to display the latest brand campaigns in conjunction with their TV buys. The Cisco DMS—centralized and network-based—was chosen over PC- and server-based solutions that would have added a lot more hardware, cost, and complexity in each store.

Cisco worked closely with the retailer in early 2009 on the digital signage pilot, using a large, suburban store, the lobby of the corporate headquarters, and the company’s digital media lab as signage locations. At the pilot store, a 52-inch high definition video screen was mounted on the wall of the dressing rooms which were relocated to the center of the store as part of the redesign. A Cisco Digital Media Player 4400G was deployed at the store and at the other two pilot locations. A Cisco Digital Media Manager was set up centrally at the corporate data center to manage the transmission of media to the screens in the store.

“The marketing folks wanted to be able to send out the latest TV commercials to play on a continuous loop in the store,” says the Cisco systems engineer on the account. “They didn’t need to use a lot of bandwidth so a content engine or Cisco WAAS [Wide Area Application Services] appliances were not necessary.”

Instead, Cisco helped the company set up a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) service across the company WAN to the screen via the Cisco Digital Media Player. Using an early version of Cisco DMS, the team pioneered the smooth scheduling and transmission of video using FTP, features which have since been included in the new versions of Cisco DMS.

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