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through good citizenship and leadership by providing this splendid building for its study and pursuit.

I am more than pleased to think that the District Miners' Welfare Fund had the vision to contribute to the cost and that the National Coal Board have keenly supported the College; also that Mr. George Watson, one of the Area General Managers of the South Western Divisional Coal Board, is one of its Governors. This year, more than twice as many students came here from the Mining Industry as in 1949, namely 100 first year, 24 second year and 12 third year students.

I know that you will join with me in wishing the Warden and Staff complete success in their exacting and responsible work; and in congratulating the young men who have the good fortune to attend the College. I hope they will take full advantage of the opportunity to learn the art of service through leadership.

What is leadership? What is meant by leadership? When we in this country speak of leadership, we do not, of course, mean dictatorship. Leadership which depends for its authority on brute force is not true leadership, it is tyranny.

Democratic leadership involves getting to know people, understanding their ambitions and their troubles, showing them what they must do for the common good and encouraging them to give of their best for the sake of others. Make no mistake, democratic leadership is hard work for the leaders. It is so easy to lose patience, but success is immensely worthwhile and the satisfaction it brings is one of the most rewarding of human feelings.

Aims of the College - How admirably suited are the declared aims of the College, to help young people from South Wales and elsewhere towards this ideal. May I remind you of them: First "To arouse the boy's interest in the Community" Secondly "To help the boy to develop initiative in the small community" - the College, "in such a manner that it will enable him to cope with the problems of life in the larger community" - the nation and the world. Thirdly, "to encourage acceptance of responsibility within the community". Fourthly "to broaden cultural and spiritual background". I [think] the college can be well content with this statement of aims.

Think straight and think big! I should like to feel that the students here, children, whether they like it or not, of a tortured century, will in their day and time push back horizons too. This is the age of radio and radar, of the aeroplane and rocket; of the atom bomb, of mass production of things and mass corruption of minds; of complex and overwhelming economic problems. If we are to comprehend these things in small measure, we must develop perspective. We must think nationally, internationally, globally and cosmically.

I would therefore say, not Think Big".

"Go West Young Man" but "Think Straight and

Service rendered to Coleg

y Fro by distinguished Industrialists:

Mr. George Watson. J.P. M.E. The first Chairman of the Powell Duffryn Union of YMCAs, who disclosed an early interest in the social activities of

young coal miners in time when timber was

the northern areas of the Aberdare Valleys. scarce for building purposes and it was Mr.

It was a Watson who

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