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Mason, to the YMCA Secretary, "Go to your office for a few minutes I want to talk to that labourer". When the Secretary returned the air was still "blue" but it all blew over.

The Secretary reported on 12th July, to the Finance and Revenue Committee that building operations had gone according to plan as had the time schedule. Happy to report that fifty two visitors arrived on Saturday 8th July, 1950, the date when the first section of the new building became operative.

The situation of the Building Squad in relation to extensions of the Residential Holiday Centres received the serious attention of the War Emergency Committee, and as stated at the beginning of this Chapter it was decided to employ a considerable amount of its financial resources in new ventures. Reference has already been made to the developments of each centre, and in respect of Glanmorfa it was decided that the full scheme of work should be undertaken in three sections. Section 1 having been completed, two more were still to be constructed.

Glanmorfa Section 11. A new block of buildings was erected in 1953, lined up with the frontage of the old Glanmorfa and attached to it. It extended to within twelve feet of the left boundary, thus permitting sufficient width for a car entrance.

The ground floor included a reconstructed foyer and office and a re-cast main entrance doorway. On the other side of the foyer, a doorway provided an entrance into a spacious 60' x 30' lounge on the left of which was a front "lean-to" section with a tiled roof sloping away from the first floor of the frontage. The area under the sloping roof housed a buffet and a shop. The remainder of the space to the gable end having a floor raised eighteen inches, opened to the lounge and, furnished with easy chairs and small tables, served as a quiet nook.

The floor over the lounge had a corridor the length of the lounge, with bedrooms on either side. A stairway led from each end of the corridor to entrances at both ends of the lounge on the ground floor.

Glanmorfa Section III

The wing at the rear of the site and attached to the main section, one block with one floor already constructed, had an area sufficiently large to provide eighteen bedrooms, ten on the first floor and eight at ground floor level, thus providing a lane for cars from the existing Holiday Centre quadrangle. Passing under the first floor bedrooms, into the ground at the rear of Glanmorfa, the lane entered Ffynnongroew Road, which runs parallel to Kings Avenue, thus providing a one-way road for through traffic.

The existing first floor had a flat concrete roof and external walls three feet in height to facilitate the building of another floor, the stairs of which had been connected to stairways on the first and second floors of the main building in Section 1. These floors and stairways were of concrete construction to minimise fire risks.

The work on Section III was completed in 1954.

With the completion of the three sections, the new Holiday Centre included one of the best YMCA lounges for comfort and social purposes in Wales. There was a large dining room to seat over 120 guests, with a small waiting

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