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room attached for use as additional dining accommodation when necessary; a spacious domestic block included a well ventilated kitchen and scullery. There was a Games and Quiet room; an extremely large linen room together with 80 bedrooms and toilet facilities.

The Cost:

Nr. W. S. Harries, Treasurer, drew up a statement of costs for the building of Glanmorfa as follows:

Freehold Property


Section I Section II Section III

£6,860 £7,500 £2,500

Total Cost



such extensive


occasionally additional


bedrooms were needed. Further, a suite of rooms in the form of a flat was required for the Warden. For these purposes the substantial property known as "Dovedale", 2 Kings Avenue, Rhyl, which was opposite the entrance to Glanmorfa, was purchased for £2,500. The house was adapted to provide the Warden's flat and four bedrooms with a separate entrance, for the use of Glanmorfa visitors.

A few years later a parcel of land at the rear of Glanmorfa, with a frontage in Ffynongroew Road, and suitable as a "car road" extension into that road, and other extensions, became available for purchase.

Consideration was given to this and it was agreed that some members of the Welsh National Council's Finance Committee should visit the site to inspect the property and obtain additional information. Unfortunately this meeting had to be cancelled, but later, Mr. Glyn Williams, Director of Messrs. Thomas and Evans, Porth, a member of the Committee, and much experienced in the purchase of property, joined the Treasurer and Secretary and undertook

such a visit. They agreed to advise the sum of £2,500 be offered.

purchase of the site and that the

At further negotiations with the Estate better offer of £2,750 be made. By this building on the land for a limited time

Agent it was suggested that the time, the vendor desired to hold a on a rental basis.

This confused the issue for the Finance

Committee and for the time being

the matter was postponed. The hesitation caused a valuable opportunity for future extensions of the Glanmorfa property to be missed.


Evidence of the founding of the first YMCA in North Wales is meagre. The first local Association to be established in Wales appeared to be in Cardiff in 1852, eight years after the founding of the Young Men's Christian Association in London on 6th June, 1844. Five local YMCAs had been opened in South Wales before 1882 when the National Council of England Ireland and Wales became the directing body for the Movement in these three countries (Scotland having its own National Council which was founded in 1872).

One of the earliest decisions of the newly formed National Council was the division of the countries of England, Wales and Ireland into regions, one

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