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During the singing of the hymn "Now Thank We All Our God" a small boy, bearing a Bible, appeared at the extreme end of the arena and with slow pace mounted the platform, placed the Bible on the Altar, and then knelt,

facing the audience.

The Apostles appeared

, in the garb of their day, they spoke to a group of

young men gambling, listening to an agitator, another feasting, and merry- making. The Apostles spoke to them, one from this group and another from

that, responds.

As the Apostles left in the gathering darkness

, a robe fell from one of

them. They departed leaving two boys who picked up the robe which, as they lifted it, suddenly became a silken Red Triangle of the YMCA. They advanced to the stage and draped the Triangle on the Altar. A great Cross above the stage became illuminated - above it the words "ut Omnes Unum Sint" -"That they all may be one" appeared.

The final act was the most moving of the Rally. The World President, The Hon. Charles D. Sherman (Liberia) led the five Vice-Presidents and the Secretary General in solemn procession from the far end of the arena to the platform. They were followed by six young men and these by six boys. Then the arena filled once more with the YMCA members from all the world. "Do we affirm our loyalty to the Basis of our Alliance?" - The entire company answered "Yes".

The Vice Presidents took pens from their pockets and handed them to the six young men. The young men signed the Affirmation and handed the documents to the boys who turned and faced the audience.

There was a prayer after which all sang "Thine is the Glory” Then at the end - and there could have been no other ending to such a Centennial - the Doxology.

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