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years. A joint committee of the four responsible bodies involved was formed to implement the project under the Chairmanship of Principal F. J. Rees. It was arranged that each Body would be responsible for a particular part of the work.

The Extra Mural Dept., of the University of Wales would provide all Tutorial Classes.

The Welsh University Council of Music, all music tuition. The W.E.A., all one year classes. The YMCA would provide all short terminal and single lectures. Appropriate grant aid was allocated to each body, according to the work undertaken.

With such grant aid available, the YMCA arranged 190 free lectures and 68 subsidised lectures for committees in the Mining Valleys. Outside the distress area 147 lectures were arranged, for which the usual fees were paid. The total number of lectures in the session amounted to 405.

The Association's Education Committee arranged, during that session 14 short terminal courses. Two tutorial classes were arranged by the University for YMCA classes. These statistics remained substantially the same for the YMCA during the next two years that the Joint Committee functioned.

In view of the considerable amount of unemployment among young miners, special efforts were made to increase educational activities in Boys' Clubs. The special commissioner in he distress areas advocated these efforts. Club agencies included lectures; listening groups and discussion

circles. Classes included instruction Metalwork and Physical training.





The Joint Committee for Adult Education in South Wales ceased to function after its term of three years. The four Responsible Bodies which operated the scheme of providing education activities continued their efforts as a united body, however, in order to supply these facilities for unemployed workers in the Mining Valleys. Later they linked their efforts with the Educetion Department of the Welsh Council of Social Service. Their efforts had the support of Sir Percy Watkins, formerly the Head of the Welsh Department of the Board of Education. Grant Aid was received from the Special Commissioner and various Local Education Authorities.

The new united committee worked very much on similar lines to the earlier joint committee. Grant aid was given to each of the four organisations and each had its work function defined as formerly. The scheme worked smoothly for several years after the first efforts during the 1933/34 session when the YMCA was responsible for the following programme of work:

244 Popular lectures for unemployed persons 30 Short Terminal Courses 6 One-year Classes 1 Three year Terminal Course

A considerable number of popular lectures were given in occupational and unemployed men’s clubs.

In addition, a substantial number of lecture courses were allocated to Mid and North Wales for which local committees paid the usual lecture fees.

It appeared that a new trend was developing in respect of the type of

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