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Glan-y-Mor accommodated a residential school for Camp training for older boys in the late 1930s; it produced interesting information in respect of future projects of this nature. During the boys' school holidays the children's camp accommodation was requisitioned for this purpose. A week's holiday was provided for 120 older boys who attended the camp training course in relays of four groups.

Pleasure was combined with training for leadership. The syllabus included outdoor games in-between sessions of talks, discussions and conferences. It was an experiment in residential education to ascertain whether the Welsh Council would be justified in erecting in the grounds of Glan-y-Mor, a residential building for training in leadership for older boys. The evidence provided by this experiment indicated that in these circumstances adults and youth do not mix well end for the purpose required it would be well to look elsewhere for a site.

A committee was appointed by the Council to look for an appropriate site end such a one was located at Rhoose. In due course this was purchased for the purpose of erecting a Youth Residential Training Centre.

A further small extension at Glan-y-Mor linked up at right angles with the northern end of the children's dining hall; it comprised a billiard room on the ground floor and several bedrooms on the first and second floors.

The Glan-y-Mor project was firmly established in 1938/39. Requests for

conference accommodation increase saturation point at peak periods.

d whilst holiday applications reached

But, alas, war broke out. The




requisitioned for military purposes in September, 11th March, 1946.

the entire building was 1939 and retained until

Glan-v-Mor - The war and post-war period.

After the outbreak of war, Glan-y-Mor doors remained open for holiday guests into the month of September, 1940, followed by several conferences. Enquiries about the property indicated clearly the possibility of its being requisitioned for military personnel. The greater part of the establishment passed into their possession in late September, 1940, and after the withdrawal of H.M. Forces from France it was completely filled with troops.

The rental agreed with the War Office amounted to £750 per annum.

At this time a sub-committee of the Welsh National Council directed the affairs of Glan-y-Mor, but in a period of considerable anticipated


including two Holiday Centres,

the duties of the smaller

committee we Holiday Cent

re merged with those of the more representative Welsh YMCA re Committee, with the Hon. J.H. Bruce as Chairman.

A small YMCA this purpose

Forces Canteen housed at Glan-y-Mor became quite popular and for a Food Licence was issued to the Welsh Council.

The Forces b rest room be purpose for as an office boots on the were retaine

illeted at Glan-y-Mor occupied all available accommodation; the came an Officers' Common Room, the lounge used for a similar the men. The Hall known as the Children’s' Dining Room was used ; often we sighed at the wear and tear occasioned by nailed

beautiful teak blocked flooring. The first and second floors d as bedrooms.

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