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became available in the early months of 1952.

The Ministry delivered the licence and certificates for timber and steel for part 2 of the work on the 11th October, 1951, the estimated cost being £4,750. It included the Warden's quarters and ten bedrooms on the floor above it. This accommodation was also completed in time for the 1952-53 season. By 1953, therefore, the complete building area of Glan-y-Mor had yielded sites for a comprehensive Holiday Centre, including a rest room, lounge to seat 150 people, two dining halls, one seating 120 persons and the other 150 persons, a billiards and table tennis room, a magnificent conference hall and 128 bedrooms, together with the necessary ancillary accommodation.

Bedrooms over the rest room, which was on a ground floor structure with a flat roof, had yet to be completed since there was no urgency for such accommodation as there had been for previous sleeping accommodation. When this work was completed, by the successor to Mr. W. J. Pate, as Welsh National Secretary, Mr. R. E. Roberts, it consisted of two floors, each containing five and six bedrooms respectively. This became known as "The Hon. John H. Bruce Wing".

Resignation of the Resident Secretary:

Mr. Dan Rees indicated to W. J. Pate, that he desired to take up work outside the Association and asked that his resignation be accepted. The Chairman and Treasurer were consulted and it was agreed to accede to Mr. Rees' request. Mr. Rees had proved himself a capable Resident Secretary although for a very long time he had suffered a serious illness. He had excelled in the social requirements of his post and in this particular phase of activities had been ably assisted by Mr. Cledwyn Gimblett, the Assistant Chef, over a long period.

With reference to the appointment of a successor to Mr. Rees, the Honorary Treasurer Mr. D. J. Morris informed the Committee that Mr. Gimblett had joined the staff at Glan-y-Mor in 1937, four years after it had been opened. In order to widen his experience in YMCA management, he had been transferred a year or so previously to the leadership of the YMCA Forces Centre at Tycroes, Anglesey. Whilst at Glan-y-Mor he had obtained considerable experience of the various responsibilities of management at Glan-y-Mor, and the Treasurer expressed the opinion that Mr. Gimblett should be invited to succeed Mr. Rees as Resident Secretary.

The Secretary also paid tribute to the capabilities of Mrs. Gimblett who had joined the dining room staff as a young girl in 1933, and had given unbroken and excellent service in all the spheres of domestic responsibility inherent in the term Matron. It was the unanimous wish of the Executive Committee of the Council, at the meeting held on 17th May, 1956, that Mr. Gimblett be appointed.

The Hon. J. H. Bruce, D.L. J.P.

The Hon. J. H. Bruce was an outstanding layman, deeply interested and involved in many Association activities, both nationally and locally, even prior to 1914. He and Mrs. Bruce attended a YMCA International Boys' Work Conference held at Mysore, India, in the early 1920s.

Amongst the many important Welsh National Council offices held later by Mr. Bruce were: First Chairman of the Glan-y-Mor Committee, continuing as

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