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building adapted (as previously stated) at a cost of £950.

Abertridwr: A central site was leased and boys club premises erected in two stages in 1938 and 1939 respectively at a cost of £2,400.

Aberaman: One of the two timbered huts with a damaged roof was demolished in 1934 and a gymnasium erected (as previously stated) in permanent materials. In 1937 the remaining sections of the timbered structure were replaced in permanent materials, except for a small rear portion, at a cost of £2,650.

Hirwaun: A freehold site was purchased in 1939. The building was erected in two stages, with a full size gymnasium hall and a Secretary's flat, in 1939/40. The capital costs were grant aided by the Board of Education. Total: £3,200.

Resolven: A freehold site was secured. The Board of Education supplied a concrete hut in 1940. It was erected by voluntary labour and the cost was estimated at £1,350.

Pontycymmer: A site was secured but a permanent building was impossible due to wartime restrictions. Sections of used canteen huts were supplied by the Welsh National Council and a pleasant structure erected on brick foundations and a concrete raft. The estimated cost was £750.

New Tredegar: A freehold site with part of a permanent building was secured in 1943. War restrictions prohibited building extensions but Association accommodation was provided in the part-building and a timbered hutment alongside.




A large disused



chapel with basement wartime restrictions

school-room prevented a

was purchased in proposed recon-

struction scheme. The directors of YMCA venture in Porth, purchased a centrally sited, and presented the

Messrs. Thomas and Evans, large disused hotel, well renovated property to the

patrons of the built and YMCA committee

in exchange for the former chapel site. accommodation including a large gymnasium

The and

new premises had Secretary's flat.


Duffryn Rhondda: A YMTI1CA centre for a Boys' Club was opened in excellent accommodation provided by the committee of the local Workmen's Institute. Members of the Institute assisted in supervising activities, including a Sunday Evening Service.

Llangeinor: Two huts previously sited on the platform of Cardiff Station, for H.M. Forces work, were transported to Llangeinor in 1945, and erected by voluntary labour for the purpose of a YMCA Boys' Club.

Onllwvn: As previously stated, a site was provided and substantial donations made by Mr. Evans-Bevan, the colliery owner in the Dulais Valley.

The main building,

together with a


size gymnasium hall

and a

c a r e t a k e r ' s f l a t , w e r e b u i l t i n t w o s t a g e s i n 1 9 3 7 a n d 1 9 3 9 , r e s p e c t i v e l y In addition, a pleasant bungalow was erected as a Secretary's residence. .

Bridgend: A freehold property near the town centre, with adjacent land on which to build a gymnasium was bought in 1939, the cost of the property being grant-aided by the Fitness Council. The scheme was later abandoned together with two others for which plans had been prepared. A freehold site in Angel Street was purchased later from the Town Council.

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