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among young people. It was an occasion to be remembered.

The constructional work of the building had proceeded smoothly. Shortage of timber, however, proved to be a cause for anxiety. For safe coverage all roofs, with the exception of the flat roof over the warden's quarters, were made weather proof by the use of best slates from the Caernarfonshire quarries. Steel trusses, linked together by angled iron purlins bedded with timbered rafters, carried T & G boards to which battens were laid to which the slates were fixed as required. So scarce was the supply of timber that on one occasion, a mason's plank, sawn to size, helped out!

Relief came from a strange source. Mr. George Watson, a Powell Duffryn Manager of several collieries in the Aberdare and Rhondda Districts, and Chairman of the YMCA Industrial Committee, suggested that he and the Secretary should visit a disused Colliery, which had been closed for several years. A survey of an old winding engine house, near the shaft of the colliery disclosed some lengths of long stout timber which had supported sections of machinery. It was pitch pine soaked in an atmosphere of oil for sixty or seventy years, and appeared 1'1 t to retain its good qualities for another similar period. Several lengths sawn into 4" beams provided excellent bedding timber for iron purlins and enabled the craftsmen to complete the roof section with sufficient material for another.

Section 2. In the autumn of 1944, the Executive Committee of the Welsh Council resolved that any extensions required at the college during 1945, should be considered forthwith and application made to the Ministry of Education for permission to proceed with the work.

The building extension programme for the period included the following: the

completion of the dining sleeping block of thirty and main entrance, at an

hall, ,a' recreation room for table games, and a

bedrooms together estimated cost of

with a staff room and a 2,500. These estimates

foyer did not

include work to

the cost of block be undertaken for

flooring and central the new section.






The application having been accepted, the Committee decided to proceed with the approved constructional work. It was further decided to launch an appeal to all YMCAs in Wales for funds to defray the costs of the proposed extensions. The necessary permits for rationed materials soon found their way into the hands of the eager YMCA Squad.

Timber remained in short supply but this time the resourceful carpenter and his colleagues "discovered" a redundant YMCA Hut, and permission having been given, it was dismantled and the good sections cleaned and salvaged. The hut yielded a substantial amount of good board of varying length and size, and work speeded up, with good results.

The new section of the dining hall, games room and sleeping block of 30 bedrooms, duly completed, received and housed the first intake of boys for the current Summer camping holiday and for some it was to be a second experience.

In addition to the agreed programme, the Ministry included central heating at a cost of £409., and hard-wood blocked flooring for the dining hall, and suitable material for floors for the recreation hall and bedrooms costing £946. This sponsored work earned grant aid from the Ministry.

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