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T. and G. 1 inch boards for a temporary flooring came from a salvaged YMCA War Canteen Hut!

The Gymnasium had its doors open for the students in early 1946.

The half way mark of the Building Programme had now been reached and hopes increased that with further financial aid the planned scheme would materialise.

An application for grant aid to proceed with the construction of the proposed three remaining sections having been forwarded to the Ministry of Education, the Secretary of the Council interviewed the appropriate official of the Ministry in respect of the application and its significance. He received information that authority would be granted to build Section 4 of the College at Rhoose, at a cost of £2,660 and that grant aid would be at the rate of £1,500 to a cost of £2,350, and further

that all future work same proportion. The was now anticipated. College buildings at Welfare Fund and the

approved by the Ministry would be grant aided in the Committee commented: "In view of this information, it that the money would be forthcoming to complete the Rhoose, if applications for grant aid to the Miner's National Council of YMCAs materialised."

Section 4: A report presented to the Executive Committee in July, 1946, indicated that the building programme for the following year would include a spacious students' common room, library, and a block of bedrooms parallel to the proposed common room, library, and the gable end of the gymnasium; the estimated cost being £3,000. The Ministry of Education made an offer of £2,000 grant aid towards the cost of these extensions. Work commenced in the autumn but inclement weather retarded the rate of work. The late months of the year brought a spate of rain and storms which greatly hampered the construction of the Common Room and the library and left them behind the scheduled time of progress. The early months of the following year suffered severely from even more unfavourable weather - rain, frost, snow and ice. These conditions delayed completion of the bedrooms until mid-summer and increased costs much above estimates. In these circumstances the authorities granted an additional licence to proceed with the delayed work. A further grant in aid by the Ministry of £850., made it possible to undertake the installation of a water supply to each bedroom and terrazzo flooring in the corridors.

The original building programme remained incomplete until the late autumn.

In March, 1948, the Welsh Council received information that the Commissioner of the Miners' Welfare Fund had confirmed a grant of £4,500 towards the building costs of Coleg y Fro, and that the first instalment of £1,500 had been received and application had been made for the other two instalments. Again shortage of timber impeded progress, this time in the small library, but once again Providence came to our aid, - flooring boards had to be renewed at Kinmel Park YMCA Forces Canteen.

In response to an application to the North Wales Timber Control for the necessary T. and G. Boards to patch a flooring of one inch thickness, a reply received suggested that the timber could be collected immediately. This was inspected before being loaded on to a YMCA lorry and appeared to be an assortment of damp timber of varying lengths, width and thickness, and hopeless for repairing a flooring of one inch boards. A complaint about the unsuitability of the timber disclosed it to be Welsh Oak from the Rhyl

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