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Hawk, Northern Goshawk, Red-headed Woodpecker, Red Shouldered Hawk, Timber Rattlesnake, & Wood Turtle. The NJ Forest Stewardship Committee has reviewed & approved this project. The state is prepared to match the USDA funding award greater than 2:1. All tracts will be fully open to the public for recreational use.

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    NV, Castles-Bowers Mansion ($900,000)- The project is located in the High Sierra Nevada foothills between Carson City and Reno. The project will become part of Washoe County's Bower Mansion and Davis Creek Regional Parks. They were Nevada's first Comstock millionaires. in 1864, with their wealth, they built the mansion and to this day it is one of the most impressive restored homes in Nevada. The project area is adjacent, West and South of the existing parks (Phase II is West of Bowers Mansion). The property is covered with ponderosa, Jeffery and sugar pine intermixed with aspen, white fir and incense cedar. Purchase of this property will allow increased public access between Bower Mansion Park, Davis Creek Park and the Humbolt-Toiyabe NF. This acquisition has been strategically coordinated with other property in the Sierra Front and has been designated as a priority by Washoe County Department of Parks and Open Space. 24 parcels will be prevented.

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    NY, Follensby Pond, ($2,500,000)- At long last the fee acquisition of Follensby Pond, a beautiful 14,600-acre tract bordering the Northeast’s largest wilderness area is ready for addition to the New York State Forest Preserve, where it will receive the state’s highest form of wild land protection. Never before open to the public, the tract includes a 970-acre lake teeming with native lake trout and other fish, 10.5 miles of pristine floodplain forests along the state’s second longest river, the Raquette, and mixed northern hardwood forests providing habitat for black bear, bobcat and other flagship species. Follensby Pond played an integral role in the remarkable comeback of endangered bald eagles in the 1980s and continues to provide habitat for that iconic species today. In addition to large-scale habitat protection and world-class recreational opportunities, the tract offers cultural ties to the development of a uniquely American conservation ethos as the site where, in 1858, the leading intellectuals of the day retreated for the “Philosophers’ Camp.” The project links hundreds of thousands of acres of protected lands, including two recent Forest Legacy Projects, in a compelling example of landscape scale ecosystem conservation.

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    OH, Vinton furnace, ($1,610,000)- The State of Ohio will acquire in fee a 15,849 acre forested block located in Vinton County, Ohio. This site is privately owned and managed by a Timber Investment Management Organization. The site includes a 3,247 acre research forest as designated by the USDA Forest Service with forestry research conducted on the property continually for 55 years by numerous individuals and institutions. The site is used for education and training of up to 4,000 individuals annually that include landowners, forestry and other natural resource students, loggers, foresters and interested individuals. The property is a site for nationally important core forest research including fire ecology, wildlife, soils, and growth studies. The project is the single largest privately owned forested block in Ohio. The project will enhance past federal investments by continuing the Forest Service Research conducted over the last 55 years and begin filling in connections to the Wayne National Forest (WNF) through an existing State-owned forest property. This is Ohio’s number one priority.

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    OR, Skyline Forest, ($2,500,000)- This 2 phase project seeks to conserve 28,000 acres of prime Ponderosa pine forestland that has a high likelihood of being auctioned off in smaller parcels. This property, known as the Skyline Forest, is adjacent to Bend, OR, adjacent to the Deschutes NF along the western and most eastern boundary. Bend is one of the fastest growing areas in the nation having seen its population triple since 1980 with expectations that it will double again by 2025. Skyline has provided forest products, wildlife habitat, and

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