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Providing retail and wholesale services on a scale consistent with the available market and

infrastructure is a critical to preserving the character of the Town. Further, the rural roads, especially

Route 85 through Slingerlands, serving New Scotland cannot be widened sufficiently to accommodate

development of a size greater than the caps recommended above without dramatically altering the

community character of the Slingerlands area. Development should not be permitted which will result

in congestion along these residential routes.

A proposed local law has been drafted to implement the short-term goals of the Committee.

The proposed law incorporates the dictates of the Comprehensive Plan as required by Town Law. This

law will be provided under separate cover.

B. Next Steps (Long Term)

Further revisions to the zoning law are required to incorporate the concept of mixed-use

development, architectural design standards and open space in order to achieve the goal of

“appropriate, viable, and sustainable development” in the Commercial District.

1. Mixed-Use Development

The community overwhelmingly supports “mixed-use” development in the Commercial Zoning

District. The Urban Land Institute defines mixed use as “Three or more significant revenue producing

uses (retail, office, residential, civic/cultural/recreation, entertainment, hotel) that in well planned

projects are mutually supporting; have significant functional and physical integration of project

components (in a relatively close-knit and intensive use of land), including uninterrupted pedestrian

connections; and conforms to a coherent plan (that frequently stipulates the type and scale of uses,

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