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calls for police service since 2004, a yearly average of 392. In Guilderland, 37% of police arrests in 2007

were to attributed to regional shopping centers. Currently, the Town of New Scotland does not have its

own police force. Other types of commercial uses (non-retail) do not have comparable traffic, parking

demands or increased crime (e.g., office).

A report, “Understanding the Fiscal Impacts of Land Use in Ohio,” prepared by Development

Economic for the Mid Ohio Regional Planning Commission and released in August 2004, concludes that

retail development costs municipalities more in public services than such development generates in

revenue. The report reviews and summarizes the findings of fiscal impact studies conducted in eight

central Ohio communities between 1997 and 2003. “Fiscal impact studies compare the tax revenue

generated by development with the cost of providing services, such as road maintenance and police

protection, required by that development." In seven of the eight communities, retail development

created a drain on municipal budgets. On average, retail produced a net annual loss of $0.44 per square

foot or $44,000 per year for a 100,000 sq.ft. big-box store". The report stated Retail does not generate

sufficient income or property taxes to overcome the substantial traffic related costs that result from the

higher number of road trips generated. The concept that growth is always good for a community does

not seem to correlate with the findings from various fiscal analyses conducted throughout central Ohio.”


While retail created a net tax loss, office and industrial development, as well as some types of

residential, produced a net benefit. Industrial uses generated an average net tax gain of $0.62 per

square foot and office buildings a net gain of $1.34 per sq. ft. The report notes that the negative fiscal

2 “Understanding the Fiscal Impacts of Land Use in Ohio” prepared for ACP Visioning & Planning, Ltd. and the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC), prepared by Randall Gross, August 2, 2004 Page | 6

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