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Protect your most important investment inside and out...

Homeowner's Inspection Checklist

Keep your home healthy all year round!

With this practical, easy-to-follow guide, you can ensure your home is safe , more energy- efficient and more comfortable all year round, in as little as a few minutes per week.

The Homeowner's Inspection Checklist helps you identify symptoms, causes and cures for common problems.With our handy Evaluation Tool and basement-to-roof Maintenance Calendar, you are equipped to stop potential problems before they begin.

Thinking of buying a new home? You can bring this guide to conduct a preliminary investigation. Once in your home, use it for preventive maintenance and to avoid costly repairs.

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Ask for your Homeowner's Manual

A permanent reference tool to operate and maintain your home.

The Manual includes comprehensive and customized information, that helps you understand the workings of your house-its systems and components, how they work and how they fit together. In plain language, the Manual tells you how to keep them at peak performance and enjoy a trouble-free home. Filled with easy to follow instructions and lots of clear illustrations, it offers troubleshooting advice on how to resolve common problems and gives tips on how to run your house in a healthy, efficient and environmentally friendly way.

Because it is customized to your home, you need to ask your builder for your copy. He knows best what went into making your house and can fill the form with wich it can be customized.


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