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THEME 6: Environment (Including Climate Change)

6.2 Sustainable Management of Resources

9. Prof. Yuri Arefjev

Organization Name:Voronezh State Academy of Forestry Engineering (VSAFE)

Position in Organization:Professor

E-mail address:arefjev@voronezh.net

Telephone:+7 – 4732 – 73-09-98

Address:Voronezh State Academy of Forestry Engineering (VSAFE)

8, Timiryazeva str., 394613, Voronezh Russian Federation

Proposal/Expertise: Biotic integration in natural and  created forest ecosystems on the basis of high level of a variety of their components, sustainable management of forest resources, Š¾ptimization of biological variability, forest-using and protection of the forest re-sources.

Description of proposal or expertise:


The planet the Earth was primary generated with rich "fur coat on shoulders". This fur coat was a virgin wood. It protected and keeped the Earth from many devastated disasters, – weather  calamity, water flood, soil destruction. A wood as the environment for many biological species and people was necessary for its survival.

But nearly 5000 years ago the hillsides of Lebanon, where the Lebanese cedar since olden days grew, have been bared; in the last millenium woods on a greater part of China and India have been cut down, later, especially last 200 years, woods in the Europe were intensively cut down. Qualitative deterioration of the remained woods was significant also.

Destruction and degradation of woods were fatally reflected in a climate, promoted a shallowing of the rivers, soil washout, formation of beams and ravines, snow drifts, unobstacled goin down of avalanches in mountains, development of devastating storms.

These negative processes should be resist by means of restoration ecological functions of a wood. The wood remains still now the dominating form of vegetation on the Earth. The actual problem consists in providing sustainable management of wood resources, considerably to raise ecological, social and economic functions of a wood.

Technologies in the field of protection of an environment (wood) assume formation of a high level of a biodiversity, biological integration in natural and in artificial created and creating forest ecosystems.

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