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THEME 6: Environment (Including Climate Change)

6.2 Sustainable Management of Resources

9. Prof. Yuri Arefjev

Organization Name:Voronezh State Academy of Forestry Engineering (VSAFE)

Position in Organization:Professor

E-mail address:arefjev@voronezh.net

Telephone:+7 – 4732 – 73-09-98

Address:Voronezh State Academy of Forestry Engineering (VSAFE)

8, Timiryazeva str., 394613, Voronezh Russian Federation

Proposal/Expertise: Biotic integration in natural and  created forest ecosystems on the basis of high level of a variety of their components, sustainable management of forest resources, Š¾ptimization of biological variability, forest-using and protection of the forest re-sources.

Description of proposal or expertise:


Technologies in the field of protection of an environment (wood) assume formation of a high level of a biodiversity, biological integration in natural and in artificial created and creating forest ecosystems.

Mechanisms of achievement of the designated objective are (A) selection on bioresistency and technogenic environmental contamination, (B) regulation of population structures of forest plantings. Earth observation, its forestgrowing cover will be provide integration of technologies for industrial application in sphere of preservation and optimization of the environment (wood resources). The project pro-vides combining environmental, social and economic objectived, cross-cutting activities within the seventh framework programme of EU (theme 8, theme 10).

Problems to be solved and and results:

Radical increasing of ecological security of citizens in region and in a european perspective, improving from from a health point of view an environment, optimiza-tion of forest protection, increasing stocks of renewable energie  generation re-sources (wood resources).

Will be received knowledge for the foresight activities of major trends and accep-tance of the scientifically grounded decisions in the field of the environment pro-tection. Novelty and practical importance as the results of the declared project are paths towards sustainable development of modern environment.

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