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THEME 6: Environment (Including Climate Change)

6.3 Environmental Technologies

12. Dr. Emma Karaseva

Organization Name:Kuban State University

Position in Organization:professor of genetics, microbiology and biotechnology department

Head of the center «Biotechnology»

E-mail address:biotech@kubsu.ru;kemma@mail.ru

Telephone:+7 – 861 – 23-53-36

Address:149, Stavropolskaya street, 350040, Krasnodar, Russia

Proposal/Expertise: Optimization of technology of the petropolluted objects microbiological cleaning under conditions of the Black Sea coast

Description of proposal or expertise:

Processing by immobilized oil-degrading microorganisms and the bacterial suspensions utilizing adsorbed and floating oil;

Use of a microbial biomass with positive buoyancy for clearing a surface of the water polluted with oil;

The control of restoration of a microbial biodiversity of technologically broken ecosystems

Problems to be solved and results:

The purpose of the project is improvement of environmental protection from hydrocarbonic pollution by means of adaptation biocleaning technologies to conditions of the Black Sea region.

The project is directed on the decision of the following tasks:


An estimation of the factors limiting microbiological utilization of oil pollutants in conditions of the Black Sea region, including sea water and coastal sands;


Studying of microorganisms from sites, polluted with hydrocarbons;


Drawing up of operative information base of technological properties of  the oil-degrading microorganisms allocated from estuaries, a shelf of Black sea, and also sands and soils;

Drawing up adapted to conditions of the Black Sea region of production schedules of bioaugmentation, and also biostimulation in vitro, basing the received database.

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