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Qwest Wholesale Commercial Broadband Service

Service Interference Workaround - Download


Reservation of Rights

This document has been obtained or otherwise downloaded from a Qwest Wholesale Product Catalog (PCAT) such as Qwest Commercial Broadband Services http://www.qwest.com/wholesale/pcat/commhighspeedia.html. The information provided herein is in regard to alternative broadband services that are made available, solely by and at Qwest’s discretion, due to certain network conditions.  This document and its contents are not a final or formal offer for Service.

Issue Description: Service Interference

Certain Qwest network upgrades or changes may impact end user’s existing Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM)-based Qwest Commercial Broadband Service functionality that is provisioned on a stand-alone basis or with either Resale voice service or Qwest Local Services Platform® (QLSP®) voice service.

The occurrence of this Digital Subscriber Line (“DSL”) interference happens only when certain network conditions occur, including at some Central Office or Remote Terminal (“CO/RT”) overlay sites where there is a power disparity between the distant CO streams and the RT data streams in shared binder groups. The RT DSL can degrade the CO DSL if in the same binder group.

Remote Terminal (RT) deployment of Internet Protocol (IP) broadband or also referred to as Fiber-to-the-Node (FTTN) where the serving Central Office has ATM-based DSL are overlay areas and may cause interference or degradation of the ATM-based DSL service in some cases.

Description of Solution

Upon receipt of a repair ticket for broadband interference, Qwest will endeavor to address or correct the service interference as detailed below and may result in moving the existing DSL connection to a new binder group at the CO/RT.

In certain instances, Qwest may determine that the existing DSL network configuration providing the broadband service to the end user location is no longer compatible with the new network configuration.  Resulting service interference cannot be corrected without a broadband service change.

If Qwest determines that a broadband service change can correct the interference issue, you may submit, and Qwest will accept, a service request (for speeds of 1.5Mbs or greater) to change the existing broadband service to an IP broadband) based Qwest Broadband option detailed below. Note:  these options are otherwise not available under Qwest Commercial Broadband Service and repair ticket number must be provided..

ATM broadband speeds of 1.5Mbs or greater can be changed to same IP broadband speed.

ATM broadband speeds of 1.5Mbs or greater can be upgraded to a higher IP broadband speed, new rates will apply to the upgraded speed including Internet access.

ATM broadband speeds less than 1.5Mbs can be changed, but must be changed to an IP broadband speed of 1.5Mbs, new rates will apply to the new speed.

Internet Access

If it is necessary to make a change to IP-based DSL service, Qwest will provide Internet access.  Qwest will waive the charge for Qwest Internet Basic Internet access service when the speed is 1.5Mbps or the same speed as the former ATM-based DSL.  In some Qwest states this wavier of the Qwest Internet Basic may be reflected as $.01 on your bill.

Call the Tech Support Center at 888-777-9569 to obtain the newly assigned credentials.

If service is changed to IP broadband service, it will be your duty to  work with your end-user customer to ensure e-mail (web-based) and other application services you provide are still available.

If the end-user moves to IP broadband services, static IP addresses are available only from Qwest. Ordering of static IP' addresses is available at https://www.qwest.net/account_tools/signin.html?rdir=/account_tools/  within Account Manager tool.  Static IP’s may be ordered only after broadband order is complete and cannot be ordered

Last updated 11-13-08

This document is for discussion purposes only and is not a legally binding or enforceable contract. 

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