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bootcamp because they too had to go out and spread the word and share the skills that – say, this is another way of doing it. (Samoa)

  • VUSSC has been a great working relationship. Very professional, very enjoyable, and very progressive. (Samoa)

  • I would like to thank COL for the hard work and I think it is great. Not only do you get to learn a lot of things and work together with the other countries and the experience from the other countries but you learn as well what they have done in their country. What works and what doesn’t work. Something that we can take on as a very small state and would hope that it does continue, but of course everything depends on money and funding. (Tonga)

  • I just so appreciate what the Commonwealth of Learning is doing to increase access to learning material and the way they have brought us all together from different parts of the world and it makes you see that in our own countries we can expand. The concerns are the same wherever you live and we are all involved in empowering people through education. (Antigua & Barbuda)

  • Hearing about the challenges that other people experience and how they work through them is a very empowering experience. (Antigua & Barbuda)

  • For me the meeting was very, very useful. Having met different people from different regions with different skills and different experiences is something you cannot really buy. If you listened to my presentation I talked about integration of tertiary education and people came and said they had similar experiences. It is the beginning of a very good kind of relationship as far as education is concerned. (The Gambia)

  • People are seeing the TQF as a business opportunity to have the branding of TQF on their qualifications. If we develop a program and mention having it on the TQF, they would say yes, we want it. It is because of the credibility. And they will be seen as an international training provider. (Mauritius)

  • We have benefited from the ICT skills that can be used for program development. We are also benefiting in the sense that the entrepreneurship program has had a lot of input from other small states and we are now taking what has been developed and we are adopting it as a bridge in our business management curriculum. And that material is being used to develop a certificate in business management. So we are getting what I actually said to the Minister we should get: skills and access to a wide variety of programs. (Botswana)

  • I think VUSSC is the way to go for small states. I don’t have a problem with the big nations of the Commonwealth participating in the process but I think they should understand the history of VUSSC. It was small states feeling totally disenfranchised. Feeling that they were not playing a significant role in the trading of knowledge, creation of knowledge and exportation of knowledge from they countries. They decided they should come together and contribute as equal partners to the expansion

VUSSC M&E Update, September 2008, prepared by C. Dunlop, SFU


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