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of the frontiers of knowledge…. Ultimately other countries that are members of the Commonwealth will benefit from that which we have created. And that is what you want to do – you really want to feel you are contributing to the development of humanity generally and across the world. VUSSC is the springboard. (Botswana)

  • What VUSSC has enabled us to do – because of the collaboration it has helped us to develop a kind of reservoir of resource personnel in particular skill areas within the country, persons we can draw on from time to deliver the training. (Jamaica)

  • VUSSC is a good approach because given the scarcity of resources and because most of us are poor countries, no one country could do it individually, but with the pooling of resources I am pleased that countries are getting from this kind of a program the kind of help that will assist in moving forward in human capacity building. It might seem small now but it is a ripple effect and one person will have an effect on the other and it keeps going. (Jamaica)

  • I wish VUSSC well and that we continue to support its endeavors and that countries will continue to work together. It is a global village now so the needs are similar, with some idiosyncrasies. The more we share, the better it is in the long run. (Jamaica)

  • VUSSC has inspired me to explore further how we proceed from here. I have started thinking that if we want to increase access to training and expansion of opportunities, then we will need a different model, like a blended approach. We can explore how VUSSC can move in trying to encourage institutions to start looking at blended approach. (Seychelles)

  • The value of VUSSC for us is that it drives the whole development of ODL in Trinidad & Tobago. If we didn’t have that sort of catalyst, it would have been difficult. It would have happened, but it would have been a longer process. (Trinidad & Tobago)

  • It’s bigger than ODL. It’s the whole notion of ICTs in education. So as we are now moving into implementation phase, we can use all of the participants in the VUSSC Bootcamps as ambassadors, really, to sell the whole notion of web 2 technologies, wiki – people now speak about Wikieducator, people speak to some of the things that we learnt in VUSSC. (Trinidad & Tobago)

  • VUSSC has shone a light on the work that we had wanted to do and more than we had thought we would be able to do. It has kind of facilitated us, increased our capabilities and capacities, and the work that we are doing now is moving forward and we’re spreading it among the key stakeholders in our ministries and hopefully beyond, regionally. (Trinidad & Tobago)

  • VUSSC has given us leverage which we would not have had if it didn’t exist. And I think that is a platform in which we now feel confident to move forward to do the things that we were hoping to do but with the, sort of, wider Commonwealth support,

VUSSC M&E Update, September 2008, prepared by C. Dunlop, SFU


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