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we feel we have that confidence to do it and have the initiative recognized and accepted. (Trinidad & Tobago)

As a result of VUSSC, people are much more exposed and appreciative of the possibilities that are there for online teaching, if you will – educating people. (Belize)

VUSSC is the best opportunity we have ever had to be able to come together as a Commonwealth. A lot of these countries, I would never have known – not even by name – if it hadn’t been for VUSSC….VUSSC has brought together people in a new way and not just any people, but people who are involved in education and people who have a drive to see their people become better. I’m listening to things at VUSSC from people who are in education who are having the same troubles I’m having even though we are so many miles apart. I’m listening to people speak in a language I know. Different accent, but the same language. And I’m hearing that there are things that they can do or have done that I have even not thought of or have thought of and thought it couldn’t happen. So, I see every reason now to attempt it again. Even if it had failed once before, it worked somewhere in the world, so it can work for me. So the whole idea of VUSSC gives one a sense that you can. So it is very positive. (Belize)

TQF for me is an exciting venture. I just get real excited about it actually because I want to see the whole gamut of things. I want to see national and regional. I feel that it is still a little bit early to really say just how well this will work. But I am really very positive about it. I really feel that having it come from this angle, where there is a sort of an umbrella framework, we will be able to approach the government and we’re saying “Come on now, if it’s done at this level, can we not do it? Can we not do something regional?”. So I’m – that excites me. (Belize)

The Bootcamp made a tremendous difference to me. Just knowing that I’m not fighting out there alone. And when I think that I’m really at the very bottom, somebody’s out there who can tell me, “listen, this is what you do now to move on . (Belize)

VUSSC is a good thing because it will mean increased access and increased participation. It will help engage the students at more levels. (St Kitts & Nevis)

I think VUSSC has helped me to focus. And not only me. Without VUSSC we would not have had that influence at the College level. With VUSSC, we have realized the place of technology in education. VUSSC has pushed us in that direction. (St Kitts & Nevis)

I am feeling very positive about VUSSC. I think it is a wonderful opportunity for us to collaborate and bring education where it is in other parts of the world and make it more accessible and really help our people to develop. VUSSC is something we should really push as a Commonwealth region. If we get it right in the next couple of

VUSSC M&E Update, September 2008, prepared by C. Dunlop, SFU


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