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years we will be amazed at the results. I think we are on the right track. (St Kitts & Nevis)

  • Possibilities. That is the word to describe what I have got out of this. There are so many possibilities from VUSSC. For me personally, for my school, for my country, for my region, globally. The perspective has gone from the classroom to global now. (The Bahamas)

Suggestions & Concerns

  • My recommendation is don’t let go so soon. You know, we’re just getting on our feet. We need the funding to keep meeting and sorting ourselves out. Basecamp has been really great, it could become even better in whatever way, but … It’s the first time I’ve actually seen something work well on a virtual sense where everybody is really in tune even though they’re physically apart. And we could continue that and improve that more. Especially when it is definite that we can’t continue to get funding to meet all the time. So my recommendation would be that I think it’s a worthwhile project to keep supporting for a little bit longer just so that we can get that executive stabilized and sorted and get our communication lines strengthened so that we don’t get lost in cyberspace. (Samoa)

  • How else can we strengthen the work of VUSSC? I think I just need to focus a little bit more and let it be very much a part of our work plan and I need have this very clear in my mind that this is a very definite responsibility. I need to take this on as a personal responsibility and share the vision with other persons in Antigua. (Antigua & Barbuda)

  • The WikiEducator is one tool that people find very frustrating in the sense that they have to have access to Internet. Even in the university it is hard to have access let alone the smaller institutions. (Lesotho)

  • The other thing is we need to develop the capacity to develop courses in a short space of time. We have persons who have been working 25 years and they can’t go any higher and they are almost like white elephants in companies and because of strong labour code you are really stuck with them. And agencies come to us and ask could you run a course on XYZ and we would like to be a little bit more versatile and to be in a state of readiness to handle those situations. (Antigua & Barbuda)

  • I really think that the way forward for our little group is to ensure that all the people from the Bootcamps are fully engaged. And we have said how we can arrange that. But the truth is some of that is easier said than done. They are the best people to go to the Bootcamp but there is a lot of difficulty in reducing the workload. That is also a challenge I have. I would have control over those working in the college but I would have less control over those working in other agencies. So far I have not been able to get the other agencies to send somebody. Small can be beautiful but small can be challenging. (Antigua & Barbuda)

VUSSC M&E Update, September 2008, prepared by C. Dunlop, SFU


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