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  • Because you know for doing the VUSSC work, you need to have some time to do the other VUSSC activities. And for us, we have a full-time job which takes most of your time and you really cannot build in the VUSSC activities. So something else has to go or else you have to work after hours to make sure that you catch up. So it’s been hard work for the people that have to, who are doing extra hours to try and cope with their job and also try to cover the VUSSC activities….The solution would be … well, you know, with limited funds in our countries, it’s extremely difficult to put just a post for VUSSC. It’s difficult. So, one would hope you would get additional posts and for each post, build a VUSSC task. (Swaziland)

  • Running a workshop back home you need some finance. You invite people from different regions and there has to be transport fare and you have to give them lunch. I don’t think these costs have been budgeted for them. That is one area VUSSC would have to look into – to make available some small budget for this kind of thing. (The Gambia)

  • We have changed Interlocutors about three times. I think there is a need for us to have continuity. Even if one person is leaving, the person who is coming over needs continuity. (The Gambia)

  • I think VUSSC is moving in the right direction. There is no doubt about it. But there is a variation of the small states. Some states are advanced in terms of technology and some are backward so it is very difficult to generalize in terms of support. Sometimes think how we can do some variations in our support. While other places can train people in Wikipedia and immediately they can see it and start working. In our case, the infrastructure is not at that level. (Papua New Guinea)

  • What about what we are doing individually? If we can post them on Basecamp and that will encourage others. I can see what Samoa is doing and Samoa can see what I am doing. Maybe from that I can pick up something. Or I can send an email and ask for how they doing something and maybe I can do it here. So that is the way we can learn from each other. So we should use more Basecamp posting our activities and what we are doing from time to time. That would be very helpful. (Papua New Guinea)

  • I think in general, we have to work real hard in trying to get the institutions integrated into the whole VUSSC concept and program. What I’ve noticed here, from the meetings we attend, where there are people who are in VUSSC that are also either in leadership positions in those institutions, those institutions are moving, they’re involved, they’re getting their courses developed and … because there is somebody from the institution that is an integral part of what’s going on here. I would suggest that we start inviting the institution representative, whoever that may be, as an integral part of these meetings. [When the interlocutor is a ministry person, there should be another person involved from an institution.] (The Bahamas)

VUSSC M&E Update, September 2008, prepared by C. Dunlop, SFU


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