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    Bulb Log Diary -----

Pictures and text © Ian Young

BULB LOG 32……..............................….11th August 2010

Cyclamen purpurascens seedlings Sown last year around this time, these Cyclamen purpurascens are just germinating now. So often you will find that seed germinates around the same time of year as the parent plant would flower and many of the autumn flowering species germinate in the autumn. The message is not to be too impatient and give your pots of bulb seed at least two years before you decide that nothing is going to germinate even then it is best to scatter the contents of the seed pot onto a suitable bed where any dormant seed might yet find the conditions to germinate.

Liverwort- Marchantia polymorpha One of the big invaders of seed pots, especially the ones that have to sit for a year or two is Liverwort. I do not like using chemicals and as far as I know there is no effective chemical control of this nuisance so the best way is to remove it by hand as soon as you see it appear. If you leave it for any length of time it will form little splash-pots all over its surface which are full of tiny plantlets. When it rains or you water the bed these plantlets are splashed out and will soon establish and colonise all adjacent areas – then it becomes a mighty problem to get rid of.

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