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Replanting Erythronium bulbs

While replanting the Erythronium bulbs I take the chance to refresh the nutrients. I place around 2 cms of the old compost into the base of the basket then a sprinkling of bonemeal, this is followed by around 2cms of leafmould. I find Erythroniums love leafmould in the compost and I have grown plenty successfully in pots with nothing but leafmould.

Planting Erythroniums

When I place bulbs into rectangular pots and containers I always follow a set procedure. First I place the biggest four bulbs at the corners, next I pace four in the middle of the sides and one in the centre then I can fill out the gaps with the increasingly smaller bulbs until I have as many in as I have or can get. I follow this procedure because I have in the distant past filled boxes from one end to the other and instinctively you tend to pick up the larger bulbs first so when the container flowered it was all one sided with the large flowering plants at one side. Once the bulbs are in place I add another layer of leafmould before I fill the basket to the top with the old compost.

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