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Individual and Family Donors at $1,000 and above, continued

Ms. Jean M. Kummerow and Mr. John

M. Loban Mr. and Mrs. Mark or Angela D. Lageson Mr. and Mrs. Barry C. Langton Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Larson Mr. and Mrs. John and Lyn Lawyer Ms. Jeannine L. Lee and Mr. C. Roger

Finney Mr. and Mrs. Stephen H. Levine Mr. Steven Lillehaug Mr. and Mrs. James Lillehei Mr. and Mrs. Daniel T. Lindsay Mr. Peter M. Linstroth Mr. Charles Lodge and Ms. Kathy Leitch Mr. and Mrs. Brent Longval Ms. Linda M. Lorenz and Mr. Terry L.

Smith Mr. and Mrs. Gregory J. Ludewig Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Luker Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. MacDonald Mr. and Mrs. James Maciej Mr. Kirk A. Mackenzie Mr. and Mrs. William MacPherson Mr. and Mrs. Paul T. Magee Mr. and Mrs. Timothy R. Malecha Mr. Joseph Martin and Ms. Bonnie Theis Ms. Rachel Matney and Mr. Fritz Bogott Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. McCullough Mr. Michael D. McGuire Ms. Ann P. Meitz Dr. Marilyn Aschoff Mellor Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Mersky Dr. and Mrs. Robert P. Miller Mr. and Mrs. William T. Miller Ms. Dorothy B. Miller Renee Milstein Mr. Shawn Mingus Mr. and Mrs. George E. Mitchell Mr. Sherman L. Moen Mr. and Mrs. David Monyak Mr. Gregory G. Morford Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Morrissey

Mr. James G. Moxness Ms. Jane Mullery Mr. Charles F. Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Peter B. Myers Mr. and Mrs. James S. Nancekivell Mr. Jim T. Nelson Mr. Bernard B. Nelson III Mr. and Mrs. Win and Christie Neuger Mr. Robert M. Nevitt and Ms. Donna M

Portner Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Ogren Mr. Timothy O’Rourke Mr. and Mrs. John E. Osborn Mr. Joseph P. O’Shaughnessy Ms. Joan M. O’Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Ott Ms. Katherine A. Payne Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Petersen Ms. Donna Pittman and Mr. Kirk

Jacobson Mr. Perry C. Plank Mr. Daniel J. Polglaze and Ms. Pamela A.

Hermann Mr. Wendell F. Pollock Ms. Dionne M. Rantala Mr. and Mrs. Paul Ratwik Mr. Joseph Rauch and Mrs. Marilyn

Fisher-Rauch Mr. David W. Reinhold and Ms. Lisa

Von Biela Mr. and Mrs. Frederick L. Rengel Ms. Melanie Rettie Mr. and Mrs. James S. Riesterer Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Ritchie Ms. Megan M. Roach Mr. and Mrs. Mike Rone Mr. Michael Root Mr. Michael Sampson Mr. Walter E. Sawicki Mr. Jon C. Sawyer Jr. and Ms. Susan E.

Viergever Mr. and Mrs. John J. Scanlon III

Mr. Mark H. Schindler Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Schmitz Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. Schneider Mr. and Mrs. James Schoppenhorst Ms. Karen Seashore Mr. and Mrs. Henry Shea Ms. Judith Smisek Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Smith . Ms. Kristine Smith Ms. Lynne E. Stanley and Mr. Christopher Elliot Mr. Norman V. Steere Mr. Jerome Stenberg Ms. Ellen R. Stubbs Ms. Regina C. Szabady Mr. Ali Shariar Tajbakhsh Ms. Rebecca Taylor Mr. and Mrs. David Tetzlaff Kara Tharaldson Mr. and Mrs. James A. Tikalsky Ms. Mary Tingerthal Ms. Mildred Vaccarella Ms. Barbara S. Valle Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence A. Waite Mr. and Mrs. Dennis L. Wavra Mr. and Mrs. James A. Way Mr. Thomas Weber Mr. and Mrs. William Weber Mr. and Mrs. Edward Wegerson Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Weist Ms. Margaret Wenner Mr. and Mrs. John P. Whaley Ms. Maureen Wheaton Ms. Cynthia S. White Mr. Harvey B. Wibeto Mr. and Mrs. Michael Wigley Mr. and Mrs. Brian Wilcox Ms. Shirley A. Wilson Ms. Patrica Wolesky Mr. and Mrs. John Yackel Ms. Elaine B. Yost Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Zink

Individual and Family Donors of $250 to $999

Ms. Sybille D. Aaron and Ms. Renee M.

Aaron-Bennett Mr. and Mrs. Russ Adams Mr. John Albers Mr. and Mrs Howard Albertson Mrs. John F. Alden Mr. and Mrs. Mark and Sharon Aleckson Mr. Tullio J. Alessi and Ms. Anne T. Alwell Mr. Gary T. Alkire Ms. Rebekka F. Allen Mr. and Mrs. John I. Allen Ms. Katie A. Alley and Mr. Bryce A. Pierson Ms. Rosemary Altenhofen Mr. and Mrs. Paul Amidon Mr. Robert Amis and Ms. Gretchen

Lyman Amis Mr. and Mrs. Richard Amos Mr. Steven Andersen Mr. Paul Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Joel Anderson and Deloris

A. Anderson Mr. Michael N. Anderson

Mr. Gregory Anderson Ms. Jackie Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Scott Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Timothy R. Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Gary W. Anderson Ms. Lisa Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Richard (Mike) Andrews Mr. and Mrs. Douglas R. Appelgren Mr. Robert S. Appleby Jr. Ms. Joan Arbach and Mr. Daniel Arbach Mr. and Mrs. Dean Armstrong Mr. John Arnason Mr. and Mrs. James W. Arneson Mr. and Mrs. John Arnold Mr. Randall Arnold and Ms. Patricia Fair Mr. Charles Ashcroft Mr. Louis Asher and Ms. Lisa M. Wersal Ms. Danna Atherton Ms. Bridget C. Axelson Ms. Janet M. Bachleitner and Ms. Ann

M. Bachleitner Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Bachman

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Baden Ms. Lemoyne Bader Ms. Helen C. Baglo Mr. and Mrs. Dave Bahls Mr. Fredric N. Bailey Mr. Joseph Bailey and Mr. Michael Bailey Ms. Mary Bailey Campbell Mrs. Lauren B. Baker Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey D. Bakken Mr. Mike Balistreri Mr. and Mrs. Michael Banks Ms. Rebecca Banwell Mr. and Mrs. Dayton R. Barkley Mr. and Mrs. James B. Barnhart Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Denise Barrera Mr. and Mrs. Ervin F. Barrett Mr. and Mrs. Allan S. Barta Mr. Tom Bartel Dr. and Mrs. Carl R. Barthelemy Ms. Melissa Barton Mr. and Mrs. Gerald R. Bartosh

Timeline, continued



MN legislature awards grant to purchase and distribute fluid milk

February 2006

“Hunger in the Heartland” Study is released

Multi-Service Agencies

180 Degrees, Inc. Aliveness Project Food Shelf Soup Kitchen Catholic Charities Branch I Food Shelf Branch II Food Shelf Soup Kitchen Branch III Catholic Charities Emergency Services Dorothy Day Center Food Shelf Soup Kitchen Family Service Center Northside Child Development St. Anthony Residence St. Cloud Children’s Home St. Elizabeth’s Home St. Joseph’s Community Home for Children St. Joseph’s Community Home South Minneapolis St. Margaret’s Home St. Michael’s Home The Glenwood Central Baptist Church Soup Kitchen outh Program Centro, Inc. Centro Food Shelf Siembra Early Childhood Education Christ English Lutheran Church Kid’s Club Soup Kitchen Dream Center of St. Cloud Extended Family Network, Inc. Support Group outh Program Family Pathways Cambridge Forest Lake Lindstrom North Branch outh Education Services Hallie Q. Brown Community Cente , Inc. Kids Café Skyline Towers Food Shelf St. Paul Reformation Church Food Shelf Hmong American Partnership Hope Lutheran Church House of Charity The Jeremiah Program Hand to Heart Child Development Center omen’s Services Little Earth Residents Association Food Shelf outh Program Living Hope Ministries Lutheran Social Services Deer Hollow Doris Place Eagle Bend Nutrition Cntr Green Acres SLS Karibu House Larcade SLS Lexington Litchfield Little Falls New London Pierz Nutrition Center

September 2006

,200 sq. foot addition of new cooler/freezer completed

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