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Individual and Family Donors of $250 to $999, continued

Multi-Service Agencies, continued

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas P. Basil Mr. and Mrs. George L. Bauer Ms. Mary R. Beagan Mr. John H. Beal Ms. Leonore Beasley and Mr. Noel Beasley Mr. and Mrs. Leon E. Beck Ms. Constance L. Beck Mr. Steven D. Becker Mr. John D. Becker Ms. Carol Becker Mr. and Mrs. Russell Becker Mr. and Mrs. Eugene E. Beckman Mr. William L. Belkengren Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Belknap Mr. and Mrs. Roger Benasutti Ms. Mary B. Bennett Mr. Arthur Carl Benson Mr. and Mrs. Peter Benson Mr. and Mrs David A. Berg Ms. Margo Berg Mr. Larry A. Berger Mr. Roger C. Bergerson Mr. and Mrs. Steven H. Berndt Ms. Lois Bernhardson Mr. and Mrs. Larry A. Beuning Mr. Jonathan Biebl and Ms. Laura

Bernstein-Biebl Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Bilski Ms. Sharon E. Binger Ms. Lois B. Bishop Ms. Martha Bjorklund Mr. and Mrs. Carsten Bjornstad Ms. Mary V. Blatherwick Ms. Sally Blecha Ms. Linda Bloom Mr. and Mrs. William Bloomberg Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Bochert Ms. Muriel Bochnak Mr. and Mrs. Jay Boekhoff Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Bogart Mr. and Mrs. Christopher P. Bohen Mr. Daniel Boley Ms. Colleen Bollom Mr. Bruce Bong Mr. Marvin Bookin Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Booth Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. Borsch Mr. and Mrs. David Bosin Mr. and Mrs. James Bowyer Mr. Robert Boyle Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Brannan Ms. Marilyn Braun Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Bredesen Mr. and Mrs Bradley Breeggemann Ms. Wilamette Brennaman Dr. and Mrs. Arnold and Judith Brier Mr.and Mrs. Frank E. Briganti Mr. Robert Bringer Ms. Mary L. Brouillard Mr. and Mrs. Ray L. Brovold Mr. John Brower Mr. and Mrs. Scott Brown Ms. Barbara Brown Mr. and Mrs. David J. Brownell Ms. Barbara Bucher Ms. Virginia Buchholz Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Buchner Ms. Kathryn G. Buckley Mr. David Bultman Ms. Shirley N. Bunde Mr. Steven J. Burbidge Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Burke

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Burke Mr. and Mrs. Malcom Burleigh Mr. Paul Bussman Ms. Barbara Butcher Mr. and Mrs. John M. Byrnes Mr. and Mrs. Calvin B. Calmenson Ms. Irma K. Cameron Drs. Norman and Brenda Canedy Mr. Jim Caple Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Cardinal Mr. David R. Carlson Mr. Ronald H. Carlson Ms. Jude Anne Carluccio Mr. and Mrs. William Carr Ms. Karen B. Carrier Mr. Christopher Carriero Ms. Becki R Carroll Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Cash Mr. Dennis Cashman Mr. Dominic Castino Mr. and Mrs. Ronald R. Causton Mr. Joseph Cavaleri Mr. Anthony R. Chaplin Mr. David Chapman and Ms. Sigrid

Hutcheson Ms. Joan E. Chapman Dr. and Mrs. James W. Chastek Chauncey Sandren Trust Mr. and Mrs. David L. Chopskie Mr. Ronald F. Christenson Ms. Kay A. Christopherson Ms. Carol Chryst Ms. Patricia A. Church and Mr. Glenn L.

Church Mr. and Mrs. David M. Ciminski Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Clark Ms. Sharon Ruth Clark Ms. Jennifer Clelland Mr. David Cleveland and Ms. Carol A.

Stack Mr. Charles Cochrane Ms. Ellen Coffey Ms. Sheila A. Coffey Mr. Ryan Cogswell Mr. and Mrs. Neal and Florence Cohen Mr. David Colatriano Mr. Robert Coleman Mr Paul Colombo Mr. and Mrs. James Colwell Mr. and Mrs. David A. Conn Ms. Janet M. Conn Mr. Gregory Connell Ms. Janene Connelly Mr. and Mrs. Bradley C. Conner Ms. Phebe Connolly Mr. Glen R. Copeland Ms. Mary Ann Corbey Ms. Eunice K. Cote Ms. Jacqueline E. Cotton Mr. and Mrs. John Couchman Mr. and Mrs. James Coulter Mr. and Mrs. Leigh F. Countryman Ms. Andrea J. Cowell Mr. and Mrs. John Cowles Dr. and Mrs. Leland D. Crandall M.D. Mr. Peter B. Crawford Mr. George H. Creel II Mr. John S. Crouch Mr. Paul Crowell Mr. and Mrs. Kim Culp Mr. and Mrs. Donald Cummings Mr. and Mrs. John Cuningham

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Curran Mr. Michael Currence Mr. and Mrs. Mark P. Cusick Mr. Thomas Cytron-Hysom Mr. and Mrs. Mark Czech Mr. Richard Dahlen Mr. and Mrs. Marv Dahlgren Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Dahlman Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. M. Dahlstrom Dr. Roy C. Dalton Mr. and Mrs. James A. Dame Mr. and Mrs. Gregory T. Dames Mr. and Mrs. John D. Danyluk Ms. Barbara J. D’Aquila Mr. and Mrs. Francis Garvin Davenport Jr. Ms. Tracy Davenport Ms. Colleen Davenport Ms. Regenia David Mr. and Mrs. John Davies Mr. Philip A. Davis and Ms. Leanne Hansen Ms. Ardell B. Davis Ms. Judy W. Davis and Mr. D. Larry Wick Mr. James Davnie and Ms. Cara Letofsky Mr. Edward N. Dayton Mr. and Mrs. David P. De Jong Mr. Michael Dean Mr. William Dean Mr. and Mrs. Frank Demma Mr. Bruce Dennison Mr Robert S Dew Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey C. Dick Mr. and Mrs. James J. Diebel Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Diffley Mr. Patrick J. Dillon and Ms. De Anne

L. Dulas Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Dillon Mr. and Mrs. Wayne M. Dobs Mr. Dan Dodds Mr. and Mrs. Michael Dolan Mr. Charles A. Dolinar Mr. and Mrs. Keith Dotseth Mr. Robert E. Dougherty Ms. Robin Doying Ms. Theresa Dressler Dr. Jack A. Drogt Mr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Drude Mr. and Mrs. Timothy R. Dulac Mr. and Mrs. David C. Eccher Mr. and Mrs. Warren P Eck Ms. Mary Eckmeier Mr. Bruce Edward Edgren and Ms. Tamra

Jean Lair Ms. Dana K. Edstrom Mr. Alphonse J. Eggert Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Ehrlich Mr. Dean Eichaker Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Eisele Mr. and Mrs. David H. Ekberg Mr. and Mrs. Martin J. Emeott Mr. and Mrs. E. David Emery Mr. Larry J. Emond Ms. Julie Michelle Engel Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Engen Ms. Lee Ann English Ms. Lisa Erb and Mr. John M. Wanamaker Mr. and Mrs. Robert Erdman Ms. Marilyn Erickson Mr. and Mrs. Steven Erickson Mr Thomas Erickson Ms. Leila Erlandson Mr. and Mrs. Dean A. Ersfeld Mr. David L. Ervin

Portland House Safe House Scandia Sunnyview Eldershare Victoria SLS outh Resiliency Program Masjid An-Nur-Islamic Centers Food Shelf Soup Kitchen Merrick Community Services Brown Bag Program - Eastside Community Center Brown Bag Program - Edgerton Food Shelf - Hudson Food Shelf - Roosevelt Kids Café Produce for Seniors Mountain Lake Community Food Shelf outh Program Neighborhood House Asian Meals on Wheels Food Shelf outh Program Pinnacle Programs, Inc. Luverne Group Home Praxis Education & Shelter Pillsbury United Communities Brian Coyle Center Food Shelf Brian Coyle Center outh Center Oak Park Neighborhood Center Pillsbury House Pillsbury House - Green Central Early Education aite House Food Shelf aite House Community Café aite House outh Center Prairie Five Community Action Council Appleton Senior Nutrition Benson Senior Nutrition Canby Food Shelf Chippewa County Food Shelf Echo Senior Nutrition Graceville Senior Nutrition Madison Senior Nutrition Montevideo Senior Nutrition Prairie Five Headstart Appleton I & II Benson I & II Canby Clarkfield Clinton I & II Dawson I, II, & III Granite Falls Madison Prairie Land Child Care Swift County Food Shelf Reuben Lindh Family Services Four Directions North South Salvation Army Adult Rehab Center (ARC) Booth Brown Brown Bag Citadel Corps Community Center East Food Shelf outh Programs Grace Place

June 2006

SHH Board of Directors adopts new mission: Joining forces to end hunger through community partnerships”


Joining forces to end hunger

Hunger ended in Second Harvest Heartland’s service area


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