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Individual and Family Donors of $250 to $999, continued

Mr. Daniel J. Esch Mr. and Mrs. Titus Carr Evans Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Byron Fair Dr. and Mrs. Richard Faivre Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Falconer Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Faltesek Ms. Ann Fankhanel Mr. and Mrs. James Faustgen Mr. David E. Feinberg Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. Feit Ms. Gail E. Felland Mr. Mark J. Fellman and Ms. Robin E.

Caplan Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Ferris Mr. and Mrs. David A. Feste Mr. and Mrs. Jay P. Fetyko Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fickle Mr. Robert L. Fiedler Ms. Susan Figueroa Mrs. Janet S. Filter Mr. and Mrs. Robert Findorff Mr. Bruce A. Finzen Ms. Carolyn Fiterman Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Fitzgerald Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Flaherty Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fletcher Mr. and Mrs. William Flynn Mrs. Thelma S. Folstad Ms. Norma A. Forbord Mr. and Mrs. Don Foss Mr. and Mrs. George Foulkes Ms. Jeanne C. Foussard Ms. Kristine K. Fowler Ms. Maureen K. Franz Mr. Everett Franzen Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth M. Franzwa Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Frattallone Mr. Brent Fredrick Ms. Cassondra Fredriksen Ms. Bobbie A. Fredsall Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Freidl Mr. and Mrs. William and Louise French Ms. Elizabeth A. French Ms. Linda H. Fried Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Frishberg Mr. and Mrs. Jerry E. Fruin Ms. Julaine Fuith Mr. James Fuller and Ms. Lee Gartner Mr. Stephen J. Fulmek Ms. Lynn L. Fumuso Ms. Catherine Furnberg Mr. and Mrs. Blaine C. Fyksen Mr. Jeffery Gacek and Alyn M. Shannon Ms. Pamela Galanter Ms. Deborah Gallagher Mr. and Mrs. William J. Gangl Ms. Arlene K. Ganley Mr. and Mrs. Christopher K Gannaway Mr. Greg Gardner Ms. Elizabeth Gardner Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Garin Mr. and Mrs. Michael Garris Mr. and Mrs. Barry J. Gartner Mr. William A. Garwood Mr. and Mrs. Troy A. Gaul Ms. Anne R. Gearity Ms. Amy Geary The Gegax Family Ms. Emilie George Mr. Jack Gherty Mr. and Mrs. David Gibbens Ms. Janet Gilbert Ms. Melanie Gilbertson Mr. and Mrs. Anthony L. Gilles Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gillespie Mr. and Mrs. John Gilmore Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Gilsdorf Mr. and Mrs. David J. Girk Ms. Christine Given-Collins Mr. and Mrs. Gary R and Theresa M Glaeser Mr. and Mrs. William Gleason


Mr. and Mrs. John Glieden Ms. Mary M. Glynn Mr. Robert S. Goedken Mr. Michael Goertz Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Gogins Ms. Terri Goldblatt (DBA Ms.Terri Gold) Ms. Naomi R. Golv Mr. and Mrs. Fred Gordon Mr. Jack Gordon Ms. Lynne E. Gorlinsky Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Gowdy Mr. and Mrs. Dale J. Graber Ms. Sara K. Graffunder Dr. and Mrs. Lewis J. Gramer Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Grams Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Grande Ms. Kristin Grangaard and Mr. Thomas

Prather Mr. George K. Granse Ms. Michele Granse Mr. and Mrs. Gregory A. Grau Mr. and Mrs. John M. C. Gray Mr. and Mrs. Gary S. Gray Ms. Valerie R. Green Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Greene Mr. Cliff Greene Ms. Carol A. Greenland and Mr. Dean

Bachmeier Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Greenwald Mr. David M. Gregg Mr. Stewart Gregg Ms. Alison Grey Mr. Michael P. Griffin and Ms. Bonnie

K. Faber Mr. and Mrs. John R. Griffiths Ms. Karen E. Grimm and Mr. Jude

Hallamek Ms. Amy L. Gudmestad Mr. Brian J. Guidera Mr. and Mr. Robert N. Guimont Mr. and Mrs. Larry E. Gulden Mr. Gary W. Gullikson and Ms. Carol M.

Tollefsrud Mr. and Mrs. Philip R. Gulstad Mr. and Mrs. Paul B. Gunderson Mr. and Mrs. Gary D. Gustafson Mr. and Mrs. J. Cameron Guthrie Mr. Larry B. Guthrie and Ms Pamela N.

Korell Ms. Nancy S. Guthrie Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey G. Gutzmann Mr. and Mrs. Philip Haan Mr. and Mrs. Gerald P. Halbach Ms Jennifer A. Halcrow Mr. and Mrs. Martin Halvorson Mr. and Mrs. Steve Hammer Ms. Susan Hammerstrom Mr. and Mrs. Albert S. Hammond Ms. Tina Ham-Peterson Mr. and Mrs. Lowell L. Hancuh Mr. and Mrs. Daniel R. Hanger Mr. Patrick Hanily Mr. Todd Hanks Mr. Paul Hanley and Ms. Cassandra Davids Mr. and Mrs. Mark Hansch Mr. and Mrs. Eric Hansen Ms. Patricia Hansen Mr. Denison Hansen Mr. Chris Hanson and Ms. Anne Conroy Ms. Kim Harbinson Mr. Richard C. Hardes Ms. Patricia M. Hargrove Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Harms Mr. E. James Harrell and Louise A. Mattson Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hart Mr. Bryan Hart Mr. and Mrs. Dan Hartnett Mr. and Mrs. Steven Haugland Mr. Paul Havel Ms. Margaret Hawkenson and Ms.

Barbara England Mr. Bryan Hayes Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hayes

Ms. Dana R. Headley Mr. Daniel J. Healy Mr. Robert P. Hebbel and Ms. Charlotte

Pancake Ms. Jean Hedberg Mr. Stephen J. Hedberg Ms. Mary Jane Hedstrom Jeff and Lucy Heegaard Mr. Thomas A. Heie Mr. Robert W. Heili Mr. James Heimer and Ms. Teresa Sierzant Mr. and Mrs. Robert Heisler Mr. and Ms. John and Margaret Heitlinger Ms. Wendy L. Hellerstedt and Mr.

Thomas J. Ryan Mr. James F. Hellrigel Mr. and Mrs. Kent J. Hemann Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hendrickson Ms. Janet L. Herbert Ms. Cathy Herfindal Mr. and Mrs. John Herman Mr. Todd E. Hermann Ms. Connie M. Hertz Mr. and Mrs. John R. Hesch Ms. Mildred Heyer Mr. and Mrs. Robert Higgins Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Higgins Mr. and Mrs. Gregory M. Hillenbrand Ms. Emily Erusha Hilleque Dr. and Mrs. Randall A. Hillson Mr. Jeffrey Hinck Mr. Erik C. Hinkie and Ms. Ericka S.

Gardner Mr. and Mrs. Patrick R. Hirigoyen Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hirsch Ms. Sandra Hitch Mr. and Mrs. Terence P. Hoaglund Mr. John Hoch Mr. and Mrs. Walter W. Hodgson Mr. and Mrs. Bert Hoekstra Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan S. Hokanson Mr. and Mrs. John Holahan Dr. Joel S. Holger Mr. and Mrs. Russell J. Hollerbach Mr. and Mrs. Dennis D. Holman Mr. and Mrs. David R. Hols Ms. Cheryl A. Holt Mr. and Mrs. Roderick Hood Mr. James Hoops Mr. Travis Hopkins Mr. and Mrs. David Hoplin Ms. Sara Horne Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Horwitz Ms. Ellyn Hosch Mr. and Mrs. David R. Hoska Mr. and Mrs. Christian M. Houdek Ms. Helen House and Mr. Robert Hovde Mr. and Mrs. Dean L. Hovey Mr. and Mrs. Keith Hovland Mr. Michael Howell Mr. and Mrs. Neil B. Howes Mr. and Mrs. Grim Howl Mr. John Hubbling and Ms. Lynn Schwartz Mr. and Mrs. Jerome M. Hughes Ms. Josephine A. Hughes Ms. Diane Robinson Hunt Mr. and Mrs. John S. Hunter III Mr. and Mrs. Terry L. Hutchinson Ms. Gretchen M. Ibele Ms. Rachel Imbrock Mr. Robert Ingram Mr. and Mrs. John Ittner Mr. Keith A. Jablonski Mr. and Mrs. Tyrone Jackson Ms. Rosamond T. Jacob Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Jacobs Mr. and Mrs. David Jaeger Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Janni Mr. Greg Jansen Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Jarboe Mr. Robert Jarvis Ms. Suzanne P. Jebe Mr. and Mrs. Marc Jenkins

Multi Service Agencies, continued

Harbor Light Mankato Food Shelf Soup Kitchen outh Programs Minneapolis Central Corps Minneapolis Parkview Corps Need North Office Northbrook Corps South Office St. Cloud est Food Shelf Soup Kitchen Sharing and Caring Hands, Inc. Soup Kitchen Mary My Hope Daycare Mary My Hope een Center Mary’s Place Shelter Shiloh emple Int’l Ministries Soup Kitchen outh Programs Union Gospel Mission Association of St. Paul Christ Recovery Center Christ Recovery Center II Naomi Family Shelter & Daycare Union Gospel Mission Shelter University of Minnesota Anoka County Extension Chisago County 4-H Chisago County Extension Dakota County Extension Hennepin County Extension Isanti County Extension Lac Qui Parle County Extension Morrison County Extension Murray County Extension Pine County 4-H Pine County Extension Ramsey County Extension Todd County Extension Urban 4-H ashington County 4-H Unity emple Outreach Ministries Soup Kitchen outh Programs olunteers of America of MN Ashland Group Home Bar None Residential Treatment Services Portland Group Home Southwest Senior Center estern Community Action The Kitchen able Food Shelves - Marshall

The Kitchen able Food Shelves - Tracy estern Community Action Headstart

Amherst H.

ilder Foundation

ilder Bush Memorial - Bush Children’s Center

ilder Bush Memorial - Holcomb House ilder Bush Memorial - Spencer House ilder Child Development Center ilder Social Adjustment Program for Southeast Asians ilder Violence Prevention and Intervention Services YWCA 28th Street Downtown Midtown North Commons Phillips Uptown outh Achievers Program (YAP) Y’s Kids Club (YKC)

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